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Thread: Chavscot! It's Aintree 2014!

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    I love the crazy hats at Ascot. Wearable sculpture.
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    Racing with added glamour! Zara triumphs in the style stakes at Ladies' Day at Goodwood (but what's Tom Cruise doing there?) | Mail Online

    Ladies Day at Glorious Goodwood in Sussex, England on Thursday, July 31, 2014

    Elegant ensembles: One lady arrived wearing a striking tropical themed ensemble, while another plumped for a dramatically simple dress and a wonderful feathered hat

    Colourful: Ladies wearing beautiful hats festooned with delicate orchids (left) and a lotus flower made from feathers (right) beam as they enjoy their day out

    Fashionable: A racing fan shows off her chic fuchsia fedora teamed with a simple white dress (left) while racegoer Grey Cooper demonstrates how to do summer florals

    Pretty: Delicate shades of nude and cream proved especially popular with racegoers, who added interest using crystal and feather details

    Final touches: A group of racegoers put the finishing touches to their ensembles, with delicate floral corsages proving particularly popular

    Floor sweeping: Several racegoers plumped for unusually long gowns, including one that looked like a wedding dress (left), while others picked flowing and summery

    Glamorous: A group of racegoers in striking hats, including one fabulous peacock number, enjoy a glass of champagne in the sunshine on Ladies Day

    Pretty: A pair of elegantly dressed ladies in beautifully large nude straw hats and, in one case, a pretty butterfly print pashmina, enjoy their day out

    Ready for action: Three beautifully dressed racegoers enjoy the gorgeous Sussex sunshine while studying their racecards ahead of the opening race

    Smart: A trio of racegoers dressed in their best check the form ahead of the opening race on Ladies Day at Glorious Goodwood - the Fairmont Stakes

    Big arrival: A group of ladies dressed in pretty florals and elegant nude and cream dresses make their way into the Goodwood racecourse in Sussex this morning

    Spectacular: It was a quintessential English summer day out at Glorious Goodwood today as colourful racegoers bathed in sunshine backdropped by the South Downs


    While Cheltenham is famous for pearls and fur, and Aintree for its colourfully dressed fillies in fake tan and skyscraper heels, Glorious Goodwood's trademark is low key luxury - and flat shoes.
    Delicate bejewelled sandals are the most popular with racegoers, as are Sloaney ballet pumps and in the case of some hardened souls, comfortable loafers and deck shoes.
    Nevertheless, the meeting isn't short of glamour with plenty of the big, bold, be-plumed hats of the sort seen at Berkshire's Royal Ascot and neat, nipped-in shift dresses reigning supreme in the paddock.

    As at Ascot, racegoers have a strict dress code to contend with which insists on smart-casual in all areas and outlaws bare shoulders and any sort of fancy dress.
    'Goodwood is famous for being a stylish yet relaxed occasion,' continues the style guide, 'and gentlemen are required to wear jackets and either ties, cravats or polo neck sweaters in the Richmond Enclosure.

    'Linen suits and Panama Hats are traditionally worn by gentlemen. Jeans and shorts are not permitted in the Richmond Enclosure. In other enclosures dress is smart casual.

    'Bare shoulder tops and fancy dress are not allowed in any enclosure. Due to the terrain and areas of decking at Goodwood flat shoes are recommended.'

    Racing with added glamour! Zara triumphs in the style stakes at Ladies' Day at Goodwood (but what's Tom Cruise doing there?) | Mail Online
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    Colourful headgear and bold body art take centre stage as Ladies Day at Doncaster gets underway | Mail Online

    Tatts and hats galore! Colourful headgear and bold body art take centre stage as Ladies Day at Doncaster gets underway

    • The St. Leger Festival, one of the oldest race meetings in the UK, got underway in Doncaster yesterday
    • Today saw racegoers descend for Ladies Day, one of the biggest events on the local fashion calendar
    • Popular choices included enormous hats decorated with plumes of peacock feathers and lashings of lace
    • Many racegoers opted for colourful crimson and coral, while others chose to wear elegant monochrome

    By Ruth Styles for MailOnline
    Published: 08:35 EST, 11 September 2014 | Updated: 13:00 EST, 11 September 2014

    Glamorous in sequins and hats embellished with sprays of peacock feathers and lashings of lace, the stylish women of Doncaster were out in force as Ladies Day at the St Leger Festival got underway.

    One of the oldest British race meetings, the St Leger festival started life in 1776 and has since become a Yorkshire institution - and a magnet for racing fans from all over the county.

    But although the going was good and the bookies busy, all eyes were instead on the colourfully dressed ladies as they descended on the racecourse dressed to impress in bold brights and chic monochrome ensembles.

    Colourful: A trio of glamorously dressed local ladies arrive sporting an array of bright hues, including imperial purple, crimson and royal blue, ahead of the opening race

    Stylish: A lady opts for an unusual 1950s-style fruit print dress and matching hat, while another opted for a classic scarlet and black ensemble

    Glamorous: Ladies sporting vast purple and bright blue hats enjoy a sunny glass of champagne as they wait for the action to get underway at Doncaster

    Stylish: A lady in a demure straw hat and navy blue bandage dress watches the races with her friend in a sheer cream frock and gorgeous black and white hat

    Colourful: A patriotic chap in a bright red, blue and white Union Jack print suit and a lady looking very smart in a black and grey printed ensemble

    Elegant though the many ladies in black and white were, the big winners in the style stakes wore cheerful brights, with one lady opting for a pretty coral frock accessorised with nude peep toe heels and a demure neutral straw fascinator.

    Another looked wonderful in an all-lemon ensemble, while bright shades of crimson, royal blue and emerald green also looked super and certainly stood out from the rest.Unfortunately not everyone displayed the same good taste, with one or two opting for ensembles better suited to clubbing with the heels to match, while some also sported enormous tattoos.
    Nevertheless, with fashion scouts scouring the racecourse for the best dressed lady, the vast majority had clearly made a real effort to wow the judges and win the top prize of a holiday to New York.

    Patriotic: A group of ladies do their bit for the Union in fabulous blue, crimson and white ensembles on their day out on Ladies Day at Doncaster's St. Leger Festival

    Going for gold: A lady looks lovely in an extravagant gold hat and navy blue lace dress while another was pretty in an all-lemon ensemble

    Making an entrance: A lady is chic in a pretty coral dress, neat nude shoes and a matching hat, while her friend opted for a glamorous gold gown, black hat and shoes

    Pulling out all the stops: With a trip to New York the prize for the best-dressed racegoer, ladies arriving at the St. Leger Festival had pulled out all the stops


    Aintree might have the world's biggest race in the shape of the Grand National but Doncaster is just as prestigious and like its Liverpudlian competitor, has plenty to offer in the style stakes.

    Both Aintree, Doncaster and neighbouring York have relatively relaxed dress codes compared to Ascot, although all three insist on guests making do without jeans and sportswear.

    As at Aintree, Doncaster is a hotbed of northern glamour with short skirts and sky high heels regularly spotted in and around the paddock. Colourful hats are a more recent innovation, although as today's event demonstrates, the ladies of Doncaster know a thing or two when it comes to buying hats.

    Indeed, with the majority of ladies arriving dressed to kill, organisers have decided it is male racegoers who require a bigger nudge, with the more specific rules laid out for men.

    For instance, while ladies must be 'smartly dressed', men are told to wear a jacket and tie in the Premier Enclosure and a collared shirt in the County Enclosure and in private boxes.

    In the Grandstand, however, no real dress code applies with even fancy dress allowed, provided you call the racecourse first and let them know what to expect.

    What's tat? A lady shows off her chic pheasant feather hat and floral tattoo, while another demonstrates how to do bold brights with aplomb

    Looking lovely: A racegoer looks wonderful in monochrome dress and matching hat, a race day staple beloved of the Queen and Zara Phillips among others

    Peacock: As at York, Aintree and Ascot, peacock feather plumes proved popular among stylish racegoers, as did bold brights and even a dash or two of print

    Lady in red: A glamorous racegoer shows off her classic red and black ensemble, complete with a crimson lace dress, an elegant pendant and a vast titfer

    Going for bold: A lady opts for a large hat decorated with plumes of peacock feathers, while another chooses a revealing dress in a flattering shade of green

    The winner's haul also includes a trip to London Fashion Week, while runners-up also get prizes and a place in Doncaster Racecourse's #bestdressedselfie social media campaign.
    'DFS Ladies Day is the social highlight of the four day St Leger Festival with ladies from across South Yorkshire donning their most stylish outfits and hats and going all out to look their very best,' explains Doncaster Racecourse managing director, Mark Spincer.
    'We’re delighted that sponsors DFS are providing us with another fantastic star prize of a trip to New York which is guaranteed to be an added incentive for ladies to pull out all stops, get dressed up, enjoy a great day out at the races and have the chance of securing the coveted Best Dressed Lady crown.'
    The second day of the St Leger race meeting, Ladies Day brings more than 60,000 racing fans flocking to Doncaster as well as some of the world's biggest racehorse owners.
    Among them is Sir Alex Ferguson, who was spotted enjoying the action on day one, Saudi Arabia's Prince Khalid Abdullah and Her Majesty the Queen, whose bay thoroughbred Sea Shanty will tackle the Handicap at 3.45pm today.

    Top notch: A lady looks lovely in a Vivienne Westwood inspired tartan ensemble while a trio of fellow guests arrive in classic black and white outfits

    In bloom: A lady arrives in a large peony-inspired hat coloured a delicate blush pink while a fellow racegoer is chic in classic black and white jazzed up with sequins

    Big arrival: A lady dressed in an elaborate gold and black dress carries a chair to a better spot, while right, ladies in crimson and cream make their entrance

    Great day out: A group of ladies indulge in a glass of Pimms and scan the racecard as they wait for the first race of the day to get underway at Doncaster

    Big beast: The St Leger Festival is one of the oldest race meetings in the UK and attracts some of its best known owners such as the Queen and Sir Alex Ferguson

    Ready for action: Frankie Dettori, pictured on the first day of racing at the St. Leger Festival, will be among the jockeys lining up as today's races get underway

    Colourful headgear and bold body art take centre stage as Ladies Day at Doncaster gets underway | Mail Online

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    The best part of these are the super smug looks on some of these women face , like they are the hottest thing out there and no one has ever looked better
    Anyone know what Satans work shop these outfits come from I am super curious as to what shop or designer these are made in
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    My God there's some rough chicks in my homeland. Makes me proud.
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    He looks like Peter Stormare

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