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Thread: Catastrophic Flash Floods In Queensland

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    The humour is what is keeping people from falling apart. There is a statue of Wally Lewis (footy legend) and someone put floaties and a snorkel on him.

    Something like 50,000 volunteers have shown up to help with the massive clean up. And the generosity of people has been amazing. Brings back faith in humanity.

    I'm also completely fine. Roads are fully cleared and access to hospital is fine. Still no baby though so thankful that he didn't show up when I was cut off. My due date is tomorrow. I heard of one lady who gave birth in the Lockyer Valley and had to be air lifted out to a hospital.
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    Good to know you're ok Sleuth and will get to a hospital safely. A*O, I was wondering how you were in Melbourne with the Yarra and the trickle down effect further north in Victoria.

    So many people didn't have insurance because the insurance companies wouldn't insure people living near a river. I've heard up to 50% of inundated homes in Brisbane were uninsured. So sad.

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    Take care,Sleuth! Are you going to name this babe River or Rain??
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    Ugh, no. Theme names are awful.

    As Canadian as possible under the circumstances


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    Quote Originally Posted by twitchy2.0 View Post
    Ugh, no. Theme names are awful.

    I thought they called themselves 'Brizzy's' or something like that..but yeah..Atlantis...not such a good name right now...

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