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Thread: Cancer-stricken mom chooses baby’s life over hers; mom dies days after birth

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    I'm not sure I'm even optimistic about the child surviving very long. I know I posted the story a while back on another thread, but it might be worth putting here, too, because both children were delivered at similar weights (to mothers dying of cancer) and a similar # of weeks premature.

    McLEAN, Va. — An infant born last month to a severely brain-damaged woman died Monday after emergency surgery to repair a perforated intestine.
    Susan Anne Catherine Torres, born prematurely on Aug. 2 after her mother was on life support for three months, died of heart failure at Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, a family statement said.
    The infant’s condition had deteriorated rapidly during the weekend, according to the family. The baby’s prematurity led to an intestinal disorder and an infection that overwhelmed her body, and she died just after midnight, the hospital said.
    Cancer patient Susan Rollin Torres, a 26-year-old researcher at the National Institutes of Health, suffered a stroke in May after melanoma spread to her brain. She was kept alive on life support so she could deliver the child.
    'A devastating loss'
    A spokeswoman at St. Rita’s Church in Alexandria said parishioners were told of the child’s death during the morning Mass.
    “After the efforts of this summer to bring her into the world, this is obviously a devastating loss for the Torres and Rollin families,” Justin Torres, the woman’s brother-in-law, said in the e-mailed statement. “We wish to thank all the people who sustained us in prayer over the past 17 weeks. It was our fondest wish that we could have been able to share Susan’s homecoming with the world.”

    The baby’s father, Jason Torres, had made the decision after his wife lost consciousness to keep her on life support for the sake of her fetus.

    The pregnancy became a race between the fetus’ development and the cancer that was ravaging the woman’s body. Doctors at Virginia Hospital Center in Arlington, where the baby was born, had said at the time that Torres’ health was deteriorating and that the risk of harm to the fetus finally outweighed the benefits of extending the pregnancy.
    The mother died shortly after her daughter’s birth when she was taken off life support. The baby was about two months premature and weighed 1 pound, 13 ounces.
    After her birth, doctors said they saw no signs that her mother’s cancer had crossed the placenta, and they described her as feisty and vigorous. In late August, the family said Susan had passed the 2-pound mark and had been taken off a ventilator, though she remained in neonatal intensive care.
    English-language medical literature contains at least 11 cases since 1979 of irreversibly brain-damaged women whose lives were prolonged for the benefit of the developing fetus, according to the University of Connecticut Health Center.
    Jason Torres had quit his job to be by his wife’s side, spending each night sleeping in a reclining chair next to her bed. The couple had one other child — 2-year-old Peter.
    A Web site was set up to help raise money for the family’s mounting medical bills and people from around the world had sent in more than $600,000 as of early last month. Any excess money was to be donated to cancer research and to establish a college savings plan for the two children.

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    I saw the interview and agree the brother really didn't seem to want to be there. All that was said about the father was that he is not involved.
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    I guess my decision would have been based on how far along I was. If I was in the first trimester or early in the second, I would have terminated the pregnancy. I understand wanting to have a baby, but I don't understand wanting to have a baby that you won't be around to raise. What's the point of desiring that? You want to start off a baby's life this way? Where she is shuffled off to the nearest relative? Not me. I can't imagine anything more depressing than carrying my pregnancy to term, knowing that I was going to die soon after. Makes no sense.

    And, all to be entered into pageants!!!

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    ^^ i feel the same way. this whole situation is just horrible. no one should have to make a decision like this.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sleuth View Post
    I was almost in tears and then I got to that part of the article and burst out laughing. Definately a sympathy killer!
    i know! i feel cheated.

    A Web site was set up to help raise money for the family’s mounting medical bills and people from around the world had sent in more than $600,000 as of early last month.
    the american health care system is so fucked up. i feel so sorry for every person out there who has to deal with a horrible disease or the loss of a child and on top of that has to worry about paying the bills for the treatments and surgeries. this is not right.
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    Wow, so selfish of this mother to subject the child to a life without parents, born premature and possibly full of medical problems, to be raised with a litter of other children. I feel sad, sad for this poor child.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Air Quotes View Post
    I lost sympathy when I read the name Dottie Mae.
    Ugh, me, too.

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    Give the woman a break about the pageant thing, maybe it was the brain cancer talking.

    Another piece about how women are no better than incubators.... I hope I'm never in such a position but if I were to get a decent hope of survival I would choose me. If it really looks like it's going to be both of us, I would perhaps try to keep the kid even without me around to look after it. Sure wouldn't give it to my brother if he had 6 children already, though.

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    Meh. I turned out when I got to the pageant bit.
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