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Thread: Anonymous Names Names: Outing the Man Who Allegedly Drove Amanda Todd to Suicide

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    The internet is an amazing invention and a great tool, but it can also be a very sick and disturbing place.

    Some people are such assholes.
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    I remember that Nikki Catsouras thing. That was awful. And whoever e-mailed those pictures to her family is a sick, heartless fuck.
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    Ugh. Memegenerator and knowyourmeme are full of shit making fun of Amanda's death. I'm so grateful to Anonymous and my fellow GR members for reminding me that not every person on the planet is a soulless, mother-fucking arsehole.
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    VANCOUVER -- Rumours circulating around a man accused of being involved in Amanda Todd’s suicide have Mounties and police dedicating officers to dispel online gossip.

    A New Westminster address and a man’s name were released, shortly after Todd’s death last Wednesday, by a group claiming to be Internet activist collective Anonymous.

    Todd, 15, killed herself after enduring years of bullying and being stalked by an unnamed online predator who friends say used different online aliases.

    Apart from responding to speculation about the identified man, Mounties said investigators were distracted “for hours” dealing with a more disturbing rumour of the “supposed release of Amanda Todd’s autopsy photos.”

    In a statement Tuesday, RCMP Sgt. Peter Thiessen said the allegation against the man was “unfounded” and no autopsy photos were ever leaked.

    Additionally, some have put up fake fundraising pages, presumably to "profit” from Todd’s death.

    “We want to urge everyone who has been touched by Amanda’s story to respect Amanda’s memory by being a responsible citizen of the Internet,” Thiessen said.

    The case has gathered so much online attention that on Tuesday, New Westminster police had a patrol car camped outside the address that was published by Anonymous.

    “The people that live there have nothing to do with the Amanda Todd case at all,” said New West Sgt. Diana McDaniel, adding there are no police records of the named man living in the city.

    “We’re helping the residents because unfortunately they have no idea or any involvement at all in this case. I don’t know how long we’ll be there, it’ll be dependent on the situation.”

    A man with a similar name as the one published by Anonymous appeared in Surrey Provincial Court Tuesday on a charge each of sexual assault and sexual interference of a person under 16.

    But there are several differences, such as a different age and name spelling. The man named by Anonymous is 32-years-old, while the man in court is 19. The former appears to use a shortened version of the latter’s name, though both share the same last name.

    According to CTV, the 19-year-old knew Todd, but had already talked to police.

    RCMP investigated that file before the courts in early September. Crown spokesman Neil MacKenzie said the allegations are dated between Aug. 1 and Sept. 1 and are unrelated to Todd in any way.

    Twitter account Anonymous New Jersey claimed responsibility for naming the man and tweeted on Tuesday, they were “off” on the man’s address and name.

    “Everything I got is circumstantial,” the group tweeted later.

    Anonymous’ original post identifying the man also suggested there were uncertain pieces of information, saying, “At the most this is the person who did this to Amanda Todd and at the least it’s another pedophile that enjoys taking advantage of children.”

    B.C. Premier Christy Clark, speaking in Nanaimo Tuesday, said the public needs to stop reposting false information and look at everything online with a critical eye.

    “It’s so easy for people to anonymously say anything they want about everyone,” she told reporters. “It can be grossly unfair and completely unproved.”

    Since Todd’s death, Mounties have received thousands of tips from the public through
    RCMP debunk rumours about Amanda Todd case | Canada | News | Toronto Sun

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    Since she lived just a drive from me I sooooooo want to exact my own brand of justice. Drape a cape and go on a bender where I track down all the people responsible; the bastard who I KNOW "talked" her into flashing herself and then taunted her. The girl who punched her in front of a crowd at her school and her bf who "used" Todd and.....
    Dexterize the fuk out of them!
    Oh, and I also want to slap the shyt out of her parents, her friends, her school principals, and the police. They failed her.
    Everyone else who joined in the vile acts online.... electrocution by keyboard.

    Okay *breathes* ...... I feel better now.

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    I wonder if these people that torment these kids to death ever feel anything like sorrow or regret later in life? I can't imagine thinking that my actions led to someone taking their own life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mel1973 View Post
    I've seen at least one anti-amanda page pop up on my facebook this morning. Rather, an anti-amanda post indicating that she was a slut who got what was coming to her. I find these kids doing things that come back to haunt them disturbing and I also find the media and attention on these types of cases to be overboard. Yes, I think that kids should be aware that the things they do on the internet can (and typically WILL) come back to bite them in the ass ... but frankly, jumping on these cases (being reactive to these cases instead of Proactive) in such big ways doesn't really help. This girl is dead. There is nothing going to bring this kid back - and she was 15 years old and that IS a tragedy that could have been avoided. At this point, or at some point PRIOR to the girl's death, why wasn't the law involved? Where the hell were this kid's parents? What the fuck is going on in the world that someone kills themselves over this kind of thing? The particular post on a "facebook friend's" page indicated that the girl wasn't bullied over the topless pic but because she slept with some other girl's boyfriend - she got slutshamed to death. I do not give a flying rat turd how many other girl's boyfriends she slept with, the thing that I keep coming back to is at what point did the law get involved or was it all AFTER her death?

    IMO these cases are catapulted into the public debate for the simple reason that corporate media wants to persuade us that it is best for the children if we acquiesce to a complete stripping away of online privacy. This way we can curtail this type of stalking [a FACEBOOK EMPLOYEE. FFS how scary is THAT?] but in the meantime the results would be devastating to online political activism, which is precisely the goal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KrisNine View Post
    I wonder if these people that torment these kids to death ever feel anything like sorrow or regret later in life? I can't imagine thinking that my actions led to someone taking their own life.
    My guess is that they build an impenetrable cocoon of rationalization to protect themselves from feeling guilt. "I was young when I did this". "She brought it on herself". "Her parents should have been monitoring her more." "Facebook should have been censoring my comments and photos." "Digital cameras and webcams are the debbil."

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    I know people that would completely rationalize it all under "free speech". "Hey, I have the right to say and post anything to anyone and it's their fault if they took it badly."
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    Those fucking animals.

    I also hate about cyber bullying when someone is like "well just block them and they will go away".

    I don't understand how people think poorly of the girl here, she was harassed and taken advantage of when she didn't have the life experience to know how to handle this.

    I don't think exposing personal information to 'monitor' people is the answer, but educating the parents who existed before the internet what to watch out for and what to teach their kids about it.

    ...And some sort of support for people who are being cyber bullied in one form or another would be nice, be it by some changes in laws or what not because people just don't know how it is until it happens to them.

    I was 'cyber stalked' by a girl on the opposite side of the country (for two years straight and eventually really did move around here) when I was 24-26 who only backed off and disappeared when I got the police and a lawyer--but even then I wasn't exactly taken seriously.

    But it was extremely bad to the point that even my close friends through that time still insist to this day that I write a book about it to try and draw more awareness to such an issue.

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