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Thread: Man comes home from vacation, to see family and friends mourning his death

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    Red face Man comes home from vacation, to see family and friends mourning his death

    Man on vacation presumed dead

    A reportedly missing man has returned from an extended vacation in Australia to find friends and family have been mourning his death - after he forgot to tell them he was going away.

    It all started when the Michael O'Neill, who lives in England, set off in June to stay with a friend. It was a last minute decision so he forgot to let people know.

    O'Neill's neighbors grew worried about his disappearance so they called police.

    Then last week everyone's fears were though confirmed when a family announcement was made in the local newspaper.

    However it was an unusual coincidence because the announcement was actually for another man, also named Michael O'Neill, of a smiliar age and also having two brothers named Kevin and Terry.

    So when O'Neill returned home he found his door had been smashed in but it seems everyone is just relieved to see O'Neill alive.

    O'Neill says, "Everywhere I am going, people I know are grabbing hold of my hand syaing 'I thought you were dead! They can't believe it's me and I'm still alive."

    Man on vacation presumed dead - NBC Action News KSHB-TV 41

    Oh jeez, lol.

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    How funny, imagine forgetting to tell anyone you're going to AUSTRALIA!

    That said, I must confess to freaking my parents out when I was in Oz because I didn't ring them for a couple of weeks..I was just having a good time, completely forgot to get in touch, the poor guys thought I'd been eaten by dingoes or crocodiles or something!

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    I call bullshit. He forgot to tell people? And they don't have phones in Australia?
    Hello mother fucker! when you ask a question read also the answer instead of asking another question on an answer who already contain the answer of your next question!

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    What is a phone?

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    he didn't have a mobile phone?

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    This sounds like something I would do. I simply have gotten used to going looooong stretches of time without getting in touch with people, even my family.

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