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Thread: Kentucky sheriff goes on fugitive hunt in California, arrests wrong man

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    Default Kentucky sheriff goes on fugitive hunt in California, arrests wrong man

    Ky. sheriff picks up wrong man in Calif.
    associated press
    A Kentucky sheriff drove 4,100 miles to California to pick up a fugitive, then realized when he got back he had the wrong guy.
    Butler County Sheriff Joe Gaddie and a deputy took the trip to find a man named Joe Oros, who was wanted on charges of fleeing and evading police and drunken driving.
    A man named Joe Oros was awaiting release from a prison in Tehachapi, Calif., when a check showed an outstanding warrant in Kentucky. Officials notified Gaddie, who came and got him.
    It turned out to be a case of stolen identity. Gaddie says a check of mugshots and fingerprints showed the man wanted in Kentucky had stolen Joe Oros' identity.
    After finding the mistake, Butler County officials paid for Oros to fly back to California. Meanwhile, the real suspect they were searching for is still on the lam.

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    I didn't start out to collect diamonds, but somehow they just kept piling up.-Mae West

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    That's a lot of wasted gas.

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    goddamn, that's alot of bad luck to steal that guys identity.

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