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Thread: Woman has 12 year old daughter drive her to a bar

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    Default Woman has 12 year old daughter drive her to a bar

    At Least She Had A Designated Driver

    Police in Texas arrested 35-year-old Jennifer Lynn Rosenberg after they found out she made her 12-year-old daughter drive her to the bar. Too bad Jennifer doesn't live in Long Island. She would have succeeded White Oprah as their Mother of the Year.
    The po-po pulled over a minivan for turning into a driveway without signaling. The minivan then bumped in a house. After they found out the driver was a 12-year-old girl, they asked her where her parents were. The girl admitted that she just dropped her mommy off at the bar.
    Jennifer was immediately pulled away from her White Russian and arrested. She's still in jail on a $2,500 bond. Child Protective Services said they were "investigating" the matter. What's to investigate? The drunk bitch made her child drive her to the bar?! If that doesn't scream "don't pass go, don't collect your child," then I don't know what does.
    This story reminded me of Holly Schnobrich who made news last year after she made her 5-year-old son drive her around because she was too cracked out on pills. When asked why she made him drive, she said, "He's a good driver."

    At Least She Had A Designated Driver | Dlisted
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    I wonder what the 12 year old was on failing to signal and what not.

    Poor girl doesn't stand a chance with trash like that for a mother; I hope she gets away.

    Come on, let's have lots of drinks.

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    This is just sick. How can a 12 year old cope having to raise her idiot mother?
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    Well, who else is gonna be sober enough to drive, sheesh.

    Once my mom asked me for my urine so she could pass a drug test.

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