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Thread: Denver man's alien video being saved for a documentary

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    Default Denver man's alien video being saved for a documentary

    Denver man's real, live alien video being saved for a documentary

    The Rocky Mountain News (thanks io9) reported yesterday that there's a guy in Denver who claims to have video of a living extraterrestrial, but he's not showing it because he wants to save it for his movie.
    Jeff Peckman is the same guy who is attempting to set up an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission in Denver -- ostensibly to allow us to prepare for the inevitable encounter. If you read the ABC News article linked in the previous sentence, you'll see that Peckman even got a professor from Colorado Film School to "authenticate" the footage. That's right, a certified movie expert thinks this is the real thing.
    (Amusingly, the quote ABC news gets from Prof. Jerry Hoffman is somewhat more equivocal: "If this was faked, it's the most elaborate fake I've ever seen," he said. "This is no 29-cent puppet." But, er, isn't every hot new UFO video the most elaborate one we've seen? If you were just showing spinning pie plates, it'd be hard to get much attention.)
    As someone who's written about UFO hoaxes before, I find it very difficult to take anything like this seriously. If there were actual indisputable alien footage, it would be simultaneously the most incredible scientific discovery in history and the most explosive news story of all time. Scientists, reporters and governments the world over would be clamoring to analyze it. At that point, it seems unlikely that it would be within one UFO believer's power to keep it secret.
    UPDATE: This is apparently a still from the video in question. It just so happens to portray the alien peering into someone's window. What could be more recognizably, uninspiredly E.T. than that?
    It's guffaw-worthy that the reason he gives for sitting on this bombshell is that he's embroiled in movie talks: "No one will be allowed to film the segment with the extraterrestrial because there is an agreement in place limiting that kind of exposure during negotiations for the documentary," Peckman told the RMN.
    Forget just putting it up online and letting everyone judge for themselves. Eveyone knows you can't make money on YouTube! Even with a real live alien that looks better than a 29-cent puppet.

    Denver man's real, live alien video being saved for a documentary : Web Scout : Los Angeles Times

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    you already know.


    omg that just gave me the damn chills! get it off my computer screeen!!!!!!

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    That is not real!!!!

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    fishcakes... blah blah blah


    We watched the vid on Gizmodo. Even my kids said it was fake. It was like Bigfoot all over again.

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    Dancing on your grave!!!!


    a guy in Denver who claims to have video of a living extraterrestrial, but he's not showing it because he wants to
    build up hype so he can sell cheesy videos.

    LA Times having a slow news day?

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    Sheesh, that pic is so fake. When we do encounter aliens, they will look NOTHING like they've been protrayed in movies.
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