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Thread: Naked Venus poster banned from the Tube for fear of offending commuters

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    Default Naked Venus poster banned from the Tube for fear of offending commuters

    Too risqué: Lucas Cranach the Elder’s painting titled Venus was deemed potentially offensive to passengers on the Underground

    A portrait of a naked Venus has been banned from London Underground stations after worries it will offend commuters.

    The picture — intended to be the main poster for a Royal Academy of Arts show — was thrown out after concerns it breached advertising guidelines on sex and nudity.
    Lucas Cranach the Elder's Venus, wearing a necklace, see-through shawl and a hint of a smile, was to be displayed to promote an exhibition on the 16th-century German artist.
    But it was deemed potentially offensive to passengers and the Royal Academy says it is trying to find a "less naked" alternative image.
    A spokesman said: "We don't have a version B where she's got her clothes on. We're just hoping they change their minds and accept her." A spokesman for London Underground said: "We have to take account of the full range of travellers and endeavour not to cause offence in the advertising on display."

    Naked Venus poster banned from the Tube for fear of offending commuters | the Daily Mail

    Oh dear

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    It's classical art, morons!

    And yet Paris Hilton's far more offensive wonkeye is allowed to be plastered in public places...

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    no added leaf?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beeyotch View Post
    It's classical art, morons!
    What she said.
    "Remember to always be yourself. Unless you suck." - Joss Whedon

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    I want to see some penises on public transportation, and not the ones from those guys that sit in the back.

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