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Thread: Fake Santa drops his trousers

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    Default Fake Santa drops his trousers

    SALEM, N.H. -- A man dressed as Santa was arrested after he walked into a New Hampshire mall and dropped his pants in front of some teens, according to a Local 6 News report.

    Police said Richard Mullen walked into the Mall at Rockingham Park in Salem and performed the act.

    "He continued doing this multiple times," Salem police spokesman Robert Larson said. "He was asked to leave the mall by mall security. On his way out of the mall, he dropped the pants one more time as a couple was walking in."

    Mullen did not work for the mall as Santa.

    Residents at the mall said they were shocked by the man's actions.

    "How would you explain that to them that Santa Claus is walking around pulling down his pants?" a mall shopper said. "How would you explain that to them? Yeah, that's disturbing."

    Mullen was charged with disorderly conduct.
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    Default Re: Fake Santa drops his trousers.

    OMG what a weirdo, I've never understood why men get off on people seeing their penis. Like flashers, whats the point? Rape, as disgustingly awful and nasty it is and I obviously do not agree with it at all but I can understand because the man is atleast getting something but flashing, its just strange.
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    Default Re: Fake Santa drops his trousers.

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