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Thread: Colon Cancer risk traced to common ancestor

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    Default Colon Cancer risk traced to common ancestor

    Colon cancer risk traced to common ancestor - Cancer -

    Hubby told me about this tonight. I'm very interested in knowing the line they traced. As soon as hubby mentioned this I said "well, I guess there's no doubt we're related". My dad passed away from colon cancer at the age of 43. When he was diagnosed, they said it was most likely his cancer had started at around 38 with polyps forming even earlier. His younger sister started having polyps removed in her earlier 30s and his older sister has been having them removed since my dad had been diagnosed. I've had 2 colonoscopies so far and my last one showed a happy colon. So now they have a good idea of who's carrying the genetic oops, maybe they'll figure out a way to fix it.
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    Great. My dad had colon cancer in 1989. Fortunately they got it in time. I last had a colonoscopy in 2001..they found and removed polyps. I have not had one since. And I am 44 now. I would get one but I have no insurance. Is there any way in the US to get one or qualify for some program if you do not have insurance. This shit scares me.
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