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Thread: Miss Puerto Rico wins Miss Universe pageant despite being doused with pepper spray

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    Default Miss Puerto Rico wins Miss Universe pageant despite being doused with pepper spray

    Pageant officials investigate pepper spray prank
    Miss Puerto Rico winner's makeup, evening gown coated with compound

    SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico - Beauty pageant organizers were investigating Sunday who doused a contestant's evening gowns with pepper spray and spiked her makeup, causing her to break out in hives.

    Beauty queen Ingrid Marie Rivera beat 29 rivals to become the island's 2008 Miss Universe contestant, despite applying makeup and wearing evening gowns that had been coated with pepper spray, pageant spokesman Harold Rosario said.

    Rivera was composed while appearing before cameras and judges throughout the competition. But once backstage, she had to strip off her clothes and apply ice bags to her face and body, which swelled and broke out in hives twice.

    "We thought at first it was an allergic reaction, or maybe nerves," Rosario said. "But the second time, we knew it couldn't have been a coincidence."

    Rivera's clothing and makeup later tested positive for pepper spray.

    Someone also stole Rivera's bag containing her gowns, makeup and credit cards. And a bomb threat forced pageant officials to postpone the last day of competition on Thursday, said Magali Febles, director of the Miss Puerto Rico Universe pageant.

    Pageant organizers said the hoped to catch and expose whoever was responsible for the pranks. They said, however, they were handling the investigation themselves and police are not involved.

    Beauty competitions in the U.S. Caribbean territory — which boasts five Miss Universe titles, second only to the U.S. — are fierce, drawing boisterous audiences and accusations of rigged results.

    But the pranks under investigation this year are a first, Rosario said.

    Rivera, who won Miss World Caribbean in 2005, had been a target of controversy from the start of competition, as rivals complained she was too experienced and should be disqualified.

    Local media touted her as the likely winner, stoking jealousy among contestants, Rosario said.

    When Rivera won, rivals accused her of buying the crown, Puerto Rico's El Nuevo Dia newspaper reported.

    A tearful Rivera recounted her ordeal at a news conference Sunday, acknowledging she had wavered about staying in the contest.

    "At one point I said, 'Am I a masochist?'" she recalled, her voice breaking. "But I said, 'I am with God and this is my goal, regardless of the results.'"
    Pageant pepper spray prank being probed - Arts, books, more -
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    over a beauty pageant? jeez
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    Those are some evil bitches.
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    aaaawl :-( u mad boopie?


    jealousy is a muthafugga!!!
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    Good for her. She is really a beauty.

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    Us Puerto Ricans are hardcore.

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    She is pretty but she needs to do something with her hair. That color is not natural and should not be on anyone's head.

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    The movie "Drop Dead Gorgeous" is the first thing that came to mind after reading this.

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    Me too. Love that film.

    Or was she just faking for sympathy and publicity?
    Mystery Deepens in Miss Puerto Rico Pepper-Spray Incident

    TUESDAY NOVEMBER 27, 2007 08:55 AM EST
    By Stephen M. Silverman
    Ingrid Marie Rivera Photo by: Luis Alcala del Olmo / AP
    The mystery surrounding the alleged pepper spraying of Puerto Rico's 2008 Miss Universe contestant's belongings is nothing to sneeze at.

    Police are now said to be investigating just how Ingrid Marie Rivera was able to stop crying between camera appearances at Saturday's pageant, if indeed her gown and makeup had been sabotaged with the spray, as she asserts, NBC News reports.

    The reported skepticism about Rivera prompted Today show host Meredith Vieira to inquire on Tuesday's broadcast if, possibly, crime-scene investigators believe the pepper-spray claim may have been imaginary.

    "They're saying, they think she made it up?" Vieira asked reporter Kerry Sanders, who replied: "They're looking into it. They're curious."

    Rivera is due to be interviewed on Wednesday's Today show, where, on Tuesday, co-anchor Matt Lauer said he intended to get to the bottom of the mystery.

    Composed – at Times

    Beating 29 rivals, Rivera took home the crown and the chance to vie in the Miss Universe pageant. Throughout the competition, Rivera was composed while appearing before the cameras and panel of judges.

    But once off-camera, she was forced to shed her clothes and apply ice bags to her face and body, which twice swelled and broke out in hives, the Associated Press reports.

    "We thought at first it was an allergic reaction, or maybe nerves," said pageant spokesman Harold Rosario. "But the second time, we knew it couldn't have been a coincidence." Later, Rivera's garments and cosmetics tested positive for pepper spray.

    Rivera's bag containing her gowns, makeup and credit cards reportedly had also been stolen before the pageant.

    Saying that she had wavered about remaining in the competition, Rivera, 24, told reporters at a Sunday news conference, "It was a lot of sacrifice, and my tears were genuine," reports Reuters.

    'Am I a Masochist?'

    "At one point, I asked, 'Am I a masochist?' But I said regardless of the results, this is my goal. The more rocks there are in my path, the more thanks I will give to God for sustaining me."

    Miss Puerto Rico Universe pageant director Magali Febles also told the AP that pageant officials were forced to postpone Thursday's final day of competition because of a bomb threat.

    Authorities said they searched the premises with dogs but did not discover any explosives.
    Mystery Deepens in Miss Puerto Rico Pepper-Spray Incident - Miss Universe Pageant, Scandals & Feuds :

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    Geez. These pageant women go batshit over these shows. Some other bitch is prettier than you? Waaaahhhh!!! Go to fucking school, study, and do something with your brain. (Or there's always porn).
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    Probe: Beauty Queen's Clothes Were Doused - MSN TV News

    Probe: Beauty Queen's Clothes Were Doused
    Dec. 19, 2007, 6:06 PM EST

    SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) -- After a flurry of accusations and skepticism, an exhaustive investigation has determined that someone did try to sabotage a beauty contestant's bid for the Miss Puerto Rico Universe by dousing her garments with pepper spray, police said Wednesday.

    The attempt failed because Ingrid Marie Rivera maintained her composure while appearing before judges and cameras, then went backstage to remove her clothes and apply ice bags to her swollen and splotched face and body. She went on to win the crown last month.

    Police will present the results of their three-week-long investigation to the district attorney, who will decide whether to file charges against the suspect, a volunteer at the pageant, said San Juan police detective Ivonne Reyes. Reyes refused to identify the volunteer or discuss a possible motive.

    A black gown and the bathing suit that Rivera wore during the competition's final round tested positive for pepper spray, validating her claims of sabotage, police said. Allegations of sabotage were earlier questioned when another dress and a makeup brush tested negative for pepper spray.

    "Miss Puerto Rico Universe was speaking the truth. She was being sincere about the allegations," Lt. Eddie Hernandez, a San Juan police spokesman, said Wednesday.

    Extensive interviews led police to focus their suspicions on the volunteer and not a rival contestant, Hernandez said, adding that the pepper spray was likely applied when contestants and their assistants left the changing room. Five pageant officials who handled the clothes also were affected by the spray, he said.

    About five volunteers worked during the competition, said pageant director Magali Febles, adding that organizers will screen volunteers more carefully because "there are some people who are very fanatical" about the contestants.

    "We generate a lot of passion," she added.

    Copyright 2007 Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

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