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Thread: Madeleine McCann's father: 'Abductor was hiding in apartment while I checked on her'

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    Default Madeleine McCann's father: 'Abductor was hiding in apartment while I checked on her'

    Madeleine's father: 'Abductor was hiding in apartment while I checked on her'

    Madeleine McCann: Missing since May 3rd

    Gerry McCann is convinced his daughter's abductor hid in their apartment as he checked on his children, it has been revealed today.

    Mr McCann has told friends he believes the kidnapper was already there when he looked in on Madeleine and their two-year-old twins.
    The McCanns, who remain suspects in the investigation, now believe the kidnapper got in through unlocked patio doors and left carrying Madeleine through a bedroom window at the front of the ground-floor apartment.
    The girl's parents are convinced Madeleine was being watched during the course of their week-long holiday in the Algarve. She went missing on the sixth day of their break and they are convinced she was stolen to order.
    The Standard can also reveal for the first time today that Kate McCann first realised something was wrong when she went to open the bedroom door to check on her daughter at 10pm.
    She said a blast of wind from the open window in the bedroom caused the door to slam shut as she held it. Discovering that Madeleine was not in her bed, she then frantically searched the apartment three times - spending as much as 10 minutes doing so - before racing out screaming: "Madeleine's gone, Madeleine's gone."
    The girl was six days short of her fourth birthday when she went missing.
    Scroll down for more...
    The back of the McCanns' apartment in Praia da Luz. Gerry McCann believes Madeleine's abductor hid inside while he checked on the children

    • The McCanns now believe the abductor got in the apartment more than an hour before the alarm was raised, according to the Evening Standard.

    Mr McCann checked on the children at 9.05pm and saw Madeleine asleep in her bed with the twins Sean and Amelie in cots beside her.
    But the door to the bedroom was open and although Mr McCann thought nothing of it at the time, he is now certain he had previously shut it.
    Mr McCann is convinced the girl's abductor must have opened it and then hidden in either the bathroom or the McCanns' bedroom when he heard him approaching through patio doors at the rear of the apartment.
    A source close to the family today told the Standard: "When Gerry went to check on Madeleine he realised the bedroom door was open. Gerry is firmly of the view the abductor was already in the apartment.
    "When he went in he saw Madeleine was asleep but the bedroom door was slightly open. He thought, 'That is odd' because he had left it firmly closed. But all the children were asleep. So he just went in and closed the door again and came out at about 9.10pm.
    "Gerry is convinced the man must have been hiding and once Gerry went out through the patio doors the only way out for the abductor was through the window.
    "The front door was locked so the kidnapper took Madeleine and climbed out of the window.
    "The theory is the man came in through the patio doors, knowing he has a few minutes until the McCanns' next check. The rear doors are out of sight from the tapas bar where the McCanns and their friends are eating.
    "The abductor goes in and he hides and when Gerry goes into the bedroom, he just thinks he didn't close the bedroom door properly.
    "When Gerry leaves, the man realises he only has a few minutes. He thinks the only way to get out without being seen is through the window."
    Mr McCann, a consultant cardiologist, and his wife, a GP, returned to Rothley in Leicestershire after being named official suspects. They have now begun a fight to clear their name and last night announced they have hired a new Portuguese lawyer, Rogerio Alves, described as the finest defence lawyer in the Iberian peninsula, to handle the case alongside their existing attorney Carlos Pinto de Abreu.

    Madeleine's father: 'Abductor was hiding in apartment while I checked on her' | the Daily Mail

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    He thought it odd but didn't have a check about?
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    Yeah, and just mentioned it now, after they have been named suspects? Right....

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    And why the hell weren't the patio doors locked to begin with? I wouldn't even leave my purse in an unlocked room, let alone my kids
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    anybody get the feeling their story is crumbling?
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    Ten minutes is a long search for a tiny apartment. And after discovering that one child is missing, she LEAVES the other two while she runs off to get help.

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    Why is he still talking? Surely his legal advisors would have instructed him to be quiet and not say anything.

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    He can't stop . It's habit by now

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grimmlok View Post
    anybody get the feeling their story is crumbling?
    Yes, for him to say something like is so stupid! Just make it more obvious you did it...dork!
    Love ya,

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    Call me naive, but am I the only one who thinks the parents didn't do it?

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    ^ No, several don't, and I think most aren't sure. I think the parents are just the only real suspects at this point, so people are looking at them closely.

    I don't even know what I think. I'm not certain, obviously, but I mean, I don't even know if the reports we have heard are true or not. So I feel like I have almost nothing on which to base an opinion. I do think Gerry looks like an idiot for actually presenting theories to the media. Of course this is just another "source" relating the information, so who knows if Gerry even thinks this... sigh.
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    I'm not convinced the parents did it, but they are certainly not helping themselves by continuing to say this stuff. As I have said numerous times previously, they are definitely guilty of SOMETHING---like child abuse for leaving those kids alone for that amount of time.

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    The girl's parents are convinced Madeleine was being watched during the course of their week-long holiday in the Algarve.


    Argh... If murder were legal, those stupid fucking parents would be next. THEY. WOULD. BE. NEXT. I cannot STAND people who just think kids are all right to just leave wherever you want like they won't FUCKING GET SNATCHED.

    I need to go calm down.....ugh...*shakes head*

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    They're still not giving up the "search"

    Source: Daily Mail

    A nightmare reconstructed: New video of night when Maddie disappeared is released as McCanns launch Crimewatch appeal to find missing daughter

    • Footage to be aired on episode of BBC Crimewatch tomorrow night
    • Programme will include a reenactment of tennis game with her parents
    • E-fits of men seen in and around Praia da Luz will also be released
    • Scotland Yard says it is the most detailed reconstruction yet
    • Appeal will move to Holland and Germany next week

    By Wills Robinson

    PUBLISHED: 01:05 GMT, 13 October 2013 | UPDATED: 01:51 GMT, 13 October 2013

    A reconstruction of the night Madeline McCann disappeared is to be aired tomorrow night in a renewed bid to find her five years after she went missing.

    A full reenactment lasting 25 minutes will be shown during the special episode of BBC Crimewatch, including a game of tennis she played with her parents.

    Pictures of men seen in and around the Portuguese town of Praia da Luz on the night of Maddie's disappearance will also be shown during the programme as part of a new appeal to find the girl who went missing five years ago.
    Nightmare: The reconstruction of the events leading up to Madeleine McCann's disappearance includes a reenactment of a game of tennis she played with her parents

    Nightmare: The reconstruction of the events leading up to Madeleine McCann's disappearance includes a reenactment of a game of tennis she played with her parents

    A number of e-fits, including two of German-speaking men, have been released by British detectives in an effort to identify potential suspects and eliminate innocent sightings.

    Their daughter, dressed in pink shorts, a light pink T-shirt and pink hat, will be seen running across the court, clutching a batch of tennis balls just days before she vanished from the Algarve.

    An interview with the McCanns will also be shown, where they were asked how often they think of their daughter, who went missing when she was three years old on May 3 2007.

    Her parents were dining at a nearby tapas restaurant when she disappeared from their holiday apartment.

    Mr McCann says: 'When it's a special occasion, when you should be your happiest and Madeleine's not there, that's when it really hits home.

    'Obviously, Madeleine's birthday goes without saying.'

    Mrs McCann adds: 'It's when you have big family occasions really. That's it isn't it? 'Family occasion' and you haven't got your complete family."

    Crimewatch presenter Kirsty Young will speak to the McCanns live in the studio during the programme, while presenter Matthew Amroliwala explores the new focus of the police investigation in the resort where she disappeared.

    Senior investigating officer, Detective Chief Inspector Andy Redwood, will also discuss how the police have approached the inquiry.

    He says: 'Primarily what we sought to do from the beginning is to try and draw everything back to zero if you like.

    'Try and take everything back to the beginning and re-analyse and reassess everything, accepting nothing.'

    He adds: 'The careful and critical analysis of the timeline has been absolutely key.

    'Primarily, we're focused on the area between 8.30 and 10.

    'We know at 8.30 that was the time Mr and Mrs McCann went down to the tapas area for their dinner and we know that around at 10pm that was when Mrs McCann found that Madeleine was missing."

    An incident room will be staffed during tomorrow's appeal and the days that follow, when the appeal moves to Holland and Germany, where dedicated TV programmes will also be shown.

    A dedicated call centre will also be opened at Hendon, in north-west London.

    Mr Redwood and his team recently revealed a vast log of mobile phone traffic could be the key to finding out what happened to Madeleine.

    Scotland Yard detectives have interviewed 442 people as part of their review-turned-investigation and hope to track down as many people present in the Portuguese town at the time.

    Since launching its own investigation, 41 people of interest have been identified by the Metropolitan Police, including 15 UK nationals.

    Detectives have issued 31 international letters of request (ILOR) to mostly European countries in relation to the persons of interest as well as seeking permission to access phone records.

    A large but 'manageable' list of phone numbers identified as being present in Praia da Luz has been drawn up by detectives with a 'significant' number unattributed to any named person.

    Ahead of the programme, Mr Redwood, said: 'The timeline we have now established has given new significance to sightings and movements of people in and around Praia da Luz at the time of Madeleine's disappearance.

    'Our work to date has significantly changed the timeline and the accepted version of events that has been in the public domain to date.

    'It has allowed us to work with Crimewatch to build the most detailed reconstruction as yet, and highlight very specific appeal points.

    'I hope that when the public see our investigative strands drawn together within the overall context of that appeal, it will bring in new information that moves our investigation forward.'

    The Portuguese investigation officially closed but authorities there are backing the Scotland Yard inquiry and officers from both countries will work together in pursuing new leads.

    The Metropolitan Police now has a team of six Portuguese detectives based in Faro, who are carrying out inquiries on its behalf.

    The McCanns are currently suing former police chief Goncalo Amaral for libel over claims in the book The Truth Of The Lie.
    Pics at the link.
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