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Thread: Chinese boots shocker

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    Thumbs down Chinese boots shocker

    Chinese-made boots recalled in US over electric shock risk

    Wednesday Aug 29 09:03 AEST
    Some 9,500 Chinese-made steel-toed boots were recalled Tuesday in the United States amid fears wearers could suffer electric shock, the consumer protection agency announced.
    The recall the eighth in the US this month of Chinese-made products involves Caterpillar brand loggers' boots with steel-tipped toes, the Consumer Product Safety Commission said in a statement released with the US manufacturer of the footwear, Wolverine World Wide.
    "The recalled logger boots could be incorrectly labeled as resistant to electrical current. This poses a shock hazard to consumers who come in contact with an electrical current," the statement said.
    The footwear was sold around the United States in women's and men's sizes between September last year and July, for between US$90-130 a pair.

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    A spate of recalls of Chinese-made goods sold in the United States has tarnished the "Made in China" label in the eyes of many consumers and led to calls for tougher regulation.
    Six of the eight recalls in the United States this month involved toys, including one global recall by Mattel which affected 18 million children's play things.

    Chinese-made boots recalled in US over electric shock risk

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    Ok, I'm confused about this-wouldn't this be a danger with ALL steele-toed boots? I realise a lot of shoddy Chinese products get exported, but I'm sure the same danger applies to brands like Martens or New Rock, which are considered quality footwear.

    (As an aside, I LOVE New Rock boots, even though all their knee-length novels are too wide for my calves. Damn it)

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