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Thread: Why going commando could kill you...

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    Default Why going commando could kill you...

    SHARON STONE’S famous knickerless leg-crossing scene in Basic Instinct has gone down in movie history.

    The steamy 1992 shot seems to have inspired a new generation of starlets to go commando in recent weeks — but they ought to know they are risking not only their reputations but their health too.

    For the bare-faced cheek of celebs, including Jordan, Kate Moss and Lindsay Lohan, could leave them with frost-bitten buttocks, boils and even KILLER superbugs.

    A mini skirt offers next to no protection for a girl’s most delicate areas. That means dust, dirt, bits of fluff and germs all have easy access.

    And if, unlike our chauffeur-driven stars, you are travelling by bus or train the risk is even greater.

    One study found the average bus seat could be harbouring up to 70 different types of bacteria including lethal MRSA.

    And it is not just bugs you need to be worried about. In winter a knickerless night could damage the skin, leading to blistering and sores.

    Then there are those who go commando in jeans. Skin-tight denim against delicate naked flesh is just asking for chafing.

    The pain could leave you with a John Wayne walk while sore, inflamed skin can lead to boils.

    Blokes should beware, too. In my surgery I’ve seen more than my fair share of men with their privates stuck in their flies.

    In serious cases it could lead to permanent scarring and impotence.

    Letting it all hang free could even lead to tearing a testicle if you’re doing vigorous exercise — bringing a whole new meaning to the question: “Can I have my ball back please?”,,2-2006440303,00.html

    Click link for a sample of commando celebs.

    I have to say that I went commando all the time when I was younger and managed to avoid any killer diseases. I wonder why the campaign now?
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    because they have to keep coming up with new shit to try and scare us. Basically everything is dangerous now, food, water, sun, air, sex.... Even if we protect ourselves from the bad things even THAT is dangerous because then our immune system isn't prepared for anything we might finally come in contact with.

    basically we're all screwed no matter what we do so do the best you can, enjoy it while you can, and don't let the bastards get you paranoid.

    As for as this particular article is concerned I think it's directed towards idiots that don't have any common sense on their own. ex: Britney Spears walking into a public bathroom with bare feet...duh. Britney probably wouldn't think twice about putting her bare privates on a public seat and would look at you like you had 2 heads when you tried to explain the skank factor

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    I've gone commando since I was sixteen and never regretted it. It's cooler, much more comfortable, and we have access to washers and driers nowadays, so we don't have to wear underwear to keep our outer clothes cleaner, also believe most underwear is worn for religious reasons...Just My HO...
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    I think the reason they are saying it's dangerous is because with the short shorts and short skirts your snatch lips would actually be touching seats and whatnot.

    I don't know about snatch safety, but I sure don't want to sit in someone's pan drippings. If I can see your cooter your a slut, if I can't who cares?

    I sometimes don't wear undies, BUT I certainly will have my entire ass, labia minora and majora and thighs covered.

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    With Paris and Lindsay the problem with them 'going commando' is not that they might acquire diseases from sitting somewhere, but that they will be depositing disease germs/super bugs etc. onto public surfaces(like benches, etc) for the unsuspecting public to then catch.

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