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Thread: Yet Another Ohio Child Horror Story

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    Default Yet Another Ohio Child Horror Story

    They had a massive search for this poor kid going on..and now this.

    Aug 28, 8:48 PM EDT

    Authorities: Boy died after being left in closet

    Associated Press Writer

    CINCINNATI (AP) -- The foster parents of a 3-year-old developmentally disabled boy were charged Monday with causing his death, nearly two weeks after the foster mother's report that the child disappeared triggered a massive search.

    Liz and David Carroll left Marcus Fiesel in a closet when they went to a family reunion in Kentucky on Aug. 4, authorities said. They returned home to find him dead two days later - nine days before reporting him missing - authorities said. David Carroll has been charged with burning his body.

    A Hamilton County grand jury indicted the Carrolls on charges of involuntary manslaughter and endangering children, and David Carroll was charged with gross abuse of a corpse.

    When Liz Carroll said the boy apparently wandered off after she passed out in a suburban Cincinnati park because of a heart condition.

    Throngs of volunteers poured out to help authorities in the search.
    "They let thousands of people look for this little boy, knowing he was long dead," Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters said. He said the Carrolls took time to plan out a story before reporting Marcus missing.
    A week after making her report, Liz Carroll made a public plea for help in the search, calling herself "an excellent mother" and professing her love for the boy.

    Authorities were searching Monday in rural Brown County for his remains, Deters said. He declined to discuss other details of the investigation that led to the indictments.

    "You would not treat your dog like this," Deters said.

    Authorities said the child was left in the couple's Clermont County home; he was reported missing from a park in Hamilton County. Deters said he was working with Clermont County authorities, adding that more charges are
    "We'll wait to see where the investigation leads us," he said.
    The Carrolls were arrested separately and jailed Monday, he said. A message seeking information on their court appearances and legal representation was left Monday evening with the Hamilton County sheriff's office.

    The search, using helicopters and sophisticated equipment, initially focused on a 5-square-mile area of Juilfs Park in Anderson Township. It was expanded to other nearby wooded areas and waterways with searchers combing the areas at least five times, according to the Hamilton County sheriff's office.
    As time went on, authorities expressed concern that the search was going to end badly. Police also openly questioned why no witnesses reported seeing Marcus in the park.

    "The first reaction is one of absolute shock and just utter disappointment," said Fred Buop, who worked in the search effort as battalion chief with Anderson Township Fire Department. "Even though we had hoped for the best, we had planned for the worst; but it's still a shock."

    Liz Carroll, 30, said she was unconscious for about 10 minutes. When she came to, there were three toddlers nearby, but she said she told people trying to help her that she had four children.

    The other children, her 2-year-old son Bryce, 1-year-old foster child Bradley and a 1-year-old child Carroll was baby-sitting were safe.
    David Carroll said Marcus had the mental ability of a child 12 to 18 months old. The boy joined the family about four months ago and had a history of wandering off, Carroll said.

    The search was called off Aug. 19, but authorities said they were following leads. A local businessman put up a $10,000 reward for information leading to the child or to anyone responsible for his disappearance.

    "I'm asking that anybody that saw me with my kids, or saw me, or saw Marcus, to please contact the authorities, the news, anybody ... anybody," Liz Carroll said at an Aug. 22 news conference she asked Hamilton County authorities to arrange. She said she wore the same clothes and pulled her hair back in the same style she had when she last saw Marcus in the park because she wanted to jog witnesses' memories.

    Authorities had said they searched the foster parents' home and property. Liz Carroll was released from the hospital a few days after Marcus was reported missing, and the sheriff's office said the family had moved.

    The Carrolls had expressed frustration last week about increasing scrutiny of their story and background, which included a recent domestic violence charge against David Carroll that was dismissed. They gave a TV interview in which Liz Carroll tearfully repeated her appeal for help.

    "We are extremely saddened and outraged about the untimely death of Marcus Fiesel," Jann Heffner, executive director of Butler County Children's Services, said in a news release. "Marcus was a wonderful child who had a great deal of promise. His death has devastated our entire agency."

    The county agency contracted with Lifeway for Youth, a private organization that provides training for foster parents and placement for abused and neglected children.

    Michael Berner, director of the Sharonville-based organization, told WCPO-TV that Lifeway did background and police checks on the Carrolls before they became foster parents.

    "We're all heartbroken up here," Berner said. "These people passed muster; they pulled the wool over everyone's eyes."


    Associated Press Writer Lisa Cornwell in Cincinnati contributed to this report.

    ^^pic of the poor little boy.
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    Oh Sojiita that's terrible. I hadn't heard about this update yet. I remember when he first went missing and saw the whole ordeal on the news thinking it was such a strange coincidence how the whole park ordeal happened.

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    Scum of the earth. That sad-looking little boy deserved so much better.

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    What did these fuckers do with their other children while attending the family reunion?

    Forget jail, where there's food and beverage and beds. Put them in a closet indefinately, and may they burn in hell.
    Let's AV DIS!

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    There is a special place in hell for those who hurt children, and they will be punished for what they have done-if not in this life then the next...

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