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Thread: Hurricane Ernesto?

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    Default Hurricane Ernesto?

    People in the Gulf area need to watch for this thing to possibly be in the Gulf of Mexico early next week. It has been a slow season so far..very odd since it was supposed to be very busy. It has been quiet instead....a little too quiet. *cue foreboding scary music*
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    Default Well...this is just dandy

    Hurricane Season upon us again...God I hate living on the gulf coast Just Pimpin my Podcast!!

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    They expect Ernesto to strengthen back up into a hurricane when it hits the Gulf of Mexico. They think it'll make a hard turn across Florida now and curve across Georgia and if it does that, I'll be on the west wall of it and it'll cause much less damage, so I'm crossing my fingers. A lot of people are boarding up their windows today anyway, though.

    I hate hurricane season.

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