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Thread: What is up with this creepy clown thing?

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    Default What is up with this creepy clown thing?

    What it says in the title. What the hell is going on? They appear to be everywhere and there have been sightings here in Iowa now. I'm freaked out by it(not a fan of clowns in general but not completely terrified) because this is pretty close to me now. Guess you don't know how you respond to something until it happens near you. So of course I googled this phenomenon and I really shouldn't have done that. Anyone else have any sightings in their area?

    mods, feel free to move this. I had no idea where to put this but since it's been in the news I figured the news forum would be ok.
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    They are in Michigan too, and all you have to do is go to the state capitol to see their names and parking spots.
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    Since when have clowns NOT been creepy as fuck? We have them here in South Texas. Someone is going to seriously get hurt, we love our guns here.
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    They have been spotted in New Jersey too.
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    Clowns are creepy as shit and there is a thread abour this already.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dksnj View Post
    They have been spotted in New Jersey too.
    Did you hear about the 13 year old girl in Philly on Facebook posting about the clowns coming to shoot students and teachers? I don't know much details, if she got in trouble or not.
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    Its all the kids at my sons school are talking about and of course the stories are getting more outrageous and ridiculous. He is terrified.
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