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Thread: Video Shows Police Trying to Run Over Homeless Before Shooting Him 14 Times

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    Default Video Shows Police Trying to Run Over Homeless Before Shooting Him 14 Times

    Dashcam video appears to show two officers trying to hit a mentally ill suspect with their car before they shot and killed him on a Sacramento street.

    One of the officers can be heard saying, "f*** this guy," about one minute before Joseph Mann was killed. "I'm going to hit him," the driver says. "OK. Go for it. Go for it," his partner responds.

    The driver guns the engine and tries twice to hit the man but misses, the video shows. The cruiser stops and the two men chase the suspect on foot, catching up to him and firing a total of 18 rounds.

    Fourteen struck Mann, killing him, police said.

    The video, released earlier by police, was enhanced by theSacramento Bee to increase the audio, making it possible to hear the officers' conversation.

    John Burris, an attorney for the Mann family, told Monday he has asked the Justice Department and local prosecutor to file murder charges against the officers involved.

    "They unloaded their weapons. It's just unconscionable," he said. "The mental state of these officers was particularly egregious. A car is deadly weapon, nobody's life was in danger."

    City Attorney James Sanchez said the district attorney was reviewing the case and "will advise of any criminal findings," The Associated Press reported. "We welcome appropriate review by any state or federal law enforcement authority," he said.

    The July incident has sparked protests from local religious and black community leaders who say the officers escalated the situation and did not have to use lethal force.

    In September, police released three dash cam videos of the confrontation between Mann, a 51-year-old described by his family as mentally ill and homeless.

    Officers had been summoned by 911 callers who reported a man walking down the street acting bizarrely. He was carrying a knife and a gun, according to one report. One caller said he appeared to be mentally ill.

    But that last description was not passed along to officers. "If we would have known that for sure, I can't tell you exactly (how) their approach would have been different," Police Chief Sam Comers said during a September 20 press conference, KCRA-TV reported.

    The officers said they opened fire after Mann refused their commands to drop a knife he had in his hand.

    "It's unprecedented for us to release video before the adjudication process," Somers said. "Sometimes, it's important for us to release videos and audio before we get through that process."

    A phone message left by Monday with the Sacramento police was not immediately returned.

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    Jesus H. Christ....fucking fascists.
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    These guys Knew their dashcam was on and were still talking like that? That blows my mind. It's one thing to get caught unknowingly, but to know your actions are being recorded and still perform them, those guys must really believe they were right to do what they did. That's terrifying.

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