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Thread: Four Members of Band Killed by Drunk Driver Just Released from Jail

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    Default Four Members of Band Killed by Drunk Driver Just Released from Jail

    I-75 CRASH NEW INFO: License of driver that killed 4 was suspended - See more at: I-75 CRASH NEW INFO: License of driver that killed 4 suspended |

    DAYTON —
    Five people were killed in a wrong way crash on I-75 North early Saturday near downtown Dayton, including the at-fault driver whom police said appears to have been driving while intoxicated.

    • Autopsies complete of 5 killed in wrong way I-75 crash
    • Funeral service set for one of the crash victims
    • At-fault driver was intoxicated at time of crash, say police
    • At-fault driver was arrested for OVI, released day before crash

    UPDATE @ 7:07 p.m.:
    The suspected drunken driver who killed himself and four people when he drove the wrong way Saturday morning on Interstate 75 had a suspended license and had threatened suicide, according to police records.

    Customers at a local bar said James Pohlabeln, a 61-year-old Dayton resident, threatened to kill himself Friday night just hours after being released from jail on a separate suspected drunken driving crash.

    In November, his wife, Marcy Pohlabeln, called police after he sent her text messages that said, “he wanted the police to kill him,” according to records obtained Monday from the Dayton Police Department.

    Police searched places Pohlabeln frequented and checked the motel where he was staying, but they were unable to locate him in November.

    Early Saturday, Pohlabeln’s vehicle struck head-on a sports utility vehicle killing four young friends: Kyle Canter, 23, of New Carlisle; Earl Miller II, 27, of New Carlisle; Vashti Nicole Brown, 29, of Dayton; and Devin Bachmann, 26, of Huber Heights.

    “Yes, I’m really mad at him for doing this to all these people that really matter,” said Kelly Latta, Canter’s girlfriend, on Monday.

    Police believe Pohlabeln drove the wrong way on Route 4 before driving the wrong way on I-75.

    He was driving under an administrative license suspension, according to court records.

    About 33 hours earlier, Pohlabeln was involved in a drunk driving incident, according to court records. He was arrested on Thursday on a suspected drunk driving charge in Dayton.

    “He had no right to drive,” said Charles Rowland, a Dayton-based DUI attorney. “He was driving illegally.”

    If Pohlabeln had survived the crash, “he would have been subject to being put in jail and having his bail revoked,” Rowland said.

    “He would have been put in jail under the new offense of driving under an OVI suspension, and he would have put himself in a position where the judge now has a basis to look at him differently than just a typical OVI offender,” he said.

    After his brother died in November, Pohlabeln called his wife, threatening suicide and “suicide by cop,” according to the police report.

    “Marcy said James drinks a lot,” wrote Officer Harry Dilley in a police report. “… James said he wanted the police to kill him. Marcy showed officer Brienza and I the text messages on her phone.”

    Before Pohlabeln’s wife called police, she received a text message from him that said, “Hey I’m about to get killed by the cops? Death by cop!! That way!”

    At the time, the couple was estranged and Pohlabeln had moved out of their home. Pohlabeln’s wife told officers he took an AK-47 and a handgun with him when he moved out.

    Staff Writer Mark Gokavi contributed to this report.

    UPDATE @ 1:30 p.m. (Feb. 15):
    The Montgomery County Coroner’s Office has completed autopsies on the victims and suspected drunk driver killed in the Interstate 75 crash over the weekend.

    Preliminary results are not available at this time. The coroner’s office still has to do toxicology reports. The investigator said it could take a few days or it could take a few weeks.

    UPDATE @ 1:05 p.m. (Feb. 15):
    The license of James Pohlabeln, who officials say is responsible for the deadly crash, was under administrative suspension, according to court records.

    UPDATE @ 9:22 a.m. (Feb. 15):
    Funeral services for Earl E. Miller II, one of the five killed in a wrong-way crash Saturday, have been arranged.

    Services for Miller will be held Thursday at Adams Funeral Home, 1401 Fair Road, in Sidney and burial will follow at Shelby Memorial Gardens. Friends and family are invited to the funeral home between 10 a.m. and noon Thursday.

    Miller was a 2007 graduate of Houston High School and has a daughter.

    - See more at: I-75 CRASH NEW INFO: License of driver that killed 4 suspended |

    Since the prisons are emptying with all the nonviolent drug offenders being released, let's classify DUI as a violent crime and keep these assholes locked the fuck up.

    Here is the band's facebook page, now they are all dead.
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    He wants to kill himself? Let him.
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