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Thread: Two-day Florida hunt is brutal for bears: 295 Killed.

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    Default Two-day Florida hunt is brutal for bears: 295 Killed.

    Two-day Florida hunt is brutal for bears: 295 Killed

    Polly Mosendz 6 hrs ago

    Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Reuters A Florida Black Bear is pictured in Florida in this undated handout photo obtained by Reuters October 23.

    Over the course of two days, 295 bears were killed in Florida, according to the state's Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

    The bear hunt is controversial, as some believe the animals shouldn't be hunted, regardless of population size. In a statement, the commission said it takes "a conservative approach to setting harvest objectives, building in buffers so the number of bears harvested would stabilize growing populations while ensuring a continuation of healthy bear numbers."

    The maximum harvest was 320 bears, but the hunt was concluded on Sunday because almost that many were killed within two days.

    The commission sold 3,778 permits to hunters between August 3 and October 23, bringing in $376,900. Only bears that are more than 100 pounds could be hunted, and cubs couldn't be present at the time the bear was hunted. "The timing of this hunt was selected because cubs would be old enough, 8 to 9 months old, to survive on their own," the commission said in a statement. Within 12 hours of killing a bear, the hunter must check it with a bear station organized by the commission.

    In addition to hosting the hunt, employees of Florida's Fish and Wildlife Commission help to manage the state's bear population by dealing with waste, which attracts the bears, and working to promote education in local communities about bears.

    Bear hunts are held in 33 of the 41 states with resident bears in order to keep the population sizes stable.

    "Overall, hunters exhibited good safety and ethics," the commission said of those who participated.

    (* Trying to contain my anger )

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    Okay, then, that made my heart hurt.

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    I bet the smaller the penis and the lower the IQ, the more pronounced the blood lust.
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    Are there any bears left alive in Florida after this?

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    After they kill them, are they eating them? Hunting for what? Poor bears. It sounds like a bunch of trigger happy folks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ikmccall View Post
    Are there any bears left alive in Florida after this?
    Some of the bars in Fort Lauderdale are FULL of bears...
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    Plus another couple of thousand of the type of bears that don't have flannel shirts.
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    This is sickening to read.
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    Don't even get me started. Just like deer hunting, it's not about conservation, or thinning the over-populated herds, they make sure the herd stays populated, why? It's all about the $$$ that fills the State coffers and keeps the Fish and Game people employed. How very kind of them to wait until the babies are 8-9 months old before slaughtering their parents.
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    Living out in PA now I can totally understand the theory behind culling the herd. I watched a family of deer basically starve to death over last winter. And that was with us feeding them. The population wasn't decreased enough last hunting season and that is what happened. Many starved over the long hard winter.

    I wouldn't be out there hunting- I don't believe in hunting for sport, but am learning to get on board with sustenance and population control hunting.

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