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Thread: Jean Hugues Anglade is the MAN!!!

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    Default Jean Hugues Anglade is the MAN!!!

    Loved him in "La Femme Nikita". Loved him in "Queen Margot". Now, I love him on the high-speed train that was almost shot up by a terrorist before two US soldiers and Anglade subdued the guy and sounded the train alarm:

    French Train Shooting: Jean-Hugues Anglade Sounds Alarm | Variety

    French Train Shooting: Actor Sounds Alarm; Two Seriously Wounded

    AUGUST 21, 2015 | 12:55PM PTPat Saperstein

    Deputy Editor@Variety_PatS
    Two American servicemen were responsible for subduing a man who looked to be preparing to shoot up a high speed train traveling from Amsterdam to Paris. Just after 6 p.m. Friday, the servicemen were seriously injured, while well-known French actor Jean-Hugues Anglade suffered a minor injury from broken glass that occurred while he was activating the alarm.
    According to numerous reports, two Americans, possibly Marines or National Guard members, intervened and took down the gunman, who has been arrested. Both servicemen were injured as a result, one by the attacker’s handgun. The White House released a statement thanking the service members for subduing the attacker.
    “While the investigation into the attack is in its early stages, it is clear that their heroic actions may have prevented a far worse tragedy,” the statement said.
    The Thalys train was travelling through Belgium when the incident occurred, and was then diverted to the French town of Arras. A friend of Anglade released a statement to Le Parisien newspaper saying, “Jean-Hugues Anglade is okay. But he is shocked by what he experienced in the Thalys in which he was traveling with his son. They heard gunfire since they were in the car next to the one in which it occurred. He was heroic because he pulled the alarm.”
    Anglade starred in French drama series “Braquo,” as well as films “Betty Blue” and “Subway.”

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    he's always done it for me. haven't seen him in anything in ages though.
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    Please. The two marines are the men.
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    The two US service members were US Marines.
    Marines are not soldiers, soldiers are not marines.
    I'll take a marine recon over a Navy SEAL any day. But Delta rocks them all.

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    Well it's a good thing he was there to pull that alarm.
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    (CNN)The struggle was brief, bloody and chaotic.

    The high-speed train was zipping from Amsterdam to Paris on Friday when a shirtless man emerged from the bathroom -- a rifle slung over his shoulder, witnesses said.
    Three Americans -- a civilian, an Air Force member and a National Guard member -- jumped into action. They quickly tackled him, possibly averting a massacre aboard the train.
    By the time the suspect was subdued, three people had nonlife-threatening injuries, said Anthony Blondeau, a spokesman for Arras city in northern France, where the train pulled up after the incident and the suspect was arrested. One of the Americans was among the injured.
    In addition to the gun, the suspect had a bladed weapon and plenty of ammunition, authorities said.
    'My friend yells, 'Get him!'

    The three men were traveling together when they heard shattering glass and people running, said Peter Skarlatos, the brother of Alek Skarlatos, one of the men who tackled the suspect.
    They saw the gunman and decided to confront him, he said.
    "My friend Alek Skarlatos yells, 'Get him!,' so my friend Spencer Stone immediately gets up to charge the guy, followed by Alek, then myself," said Anthony Sadler, the civilian among the three. Stone is an Air Force member while Skarlatos is in the National Guard.
    "The three of us beat up the guy," Sadler said. "In the process, Spencer gets slashed multiple times by the box cutter, and Alek takes the AK away."
    Skarlatos seized the rifle and hit the suspect in the head with the muzzle.
    "I begin to tie him up with help from Chris, another passenger," Sadler said. "I notice a man had his throat cut at which (time) Spencer begins to apply pressure to the neck wound before he bled out."
    Spencer had injuries in the head and neck, and almost had his thumb cut off, according to Peter Skarlatos.
    Stone and Sadler live in Sacramento, California, while Skarlatos is from Roseburg, Oregon.
    Skarlatos had joined his friends on a European vacation after returning from Afghanistan.
    Official: Suspect had radical views

    The train was rerouted to Arras, 115 miles (185 kilometers) north of Paris, where the suspect was taken into custody.
    Two people, one of them American, were hospitalized with serious injuries, said Blondeau, the spokesman for Arras.
    The third person injured was French actor Jean-Hugues Anglade, who has a light hand injury, Blondeau said.
    The suspect is a Moroccan national and was on the radar screen of European counterterrorism agencies for his radical jihadist views, the European counterterrorism official said.
    A second security source said French intelligence knew the suspect. It appeared he was sympathetic to ISIS, the official said, but a full determination on his motive and loyalties had yet to be reached.
    The train attack has not officially been classified as an act of terrorism, although the senior European counterterrorism official indicated it could be.

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    I love how these reports try so very hard to dance around the bleeding obvious (pun intended).
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