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Thread: Racist Woman Screams the N-Word at Family After Getting Splashed at Beach

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    Default Racist Woman Screams the N-Word at Family After Getting Splashed at Beach

    Racist Woman Screams the N-Word at Family After Getting Splashed at Beach

    Racist White Woman at Chicago Beach Caught on Tape Screaming N-Word | Complex

    By Trace William Cowen

    Video via Raquel Bolton

    In what could sadly be mistaken for a Donald Trump campaign ad, the clip above is a documented example of what happens when a deplorable racist is splashed by a bit of water while at Oak Street Beach in Chicago. Most tragically, the woman attempts a rambling justification of her usage of "n*****" by way of the Constitution. I suppose the general mindset of someone like this is — be racist now, ask questions later, then attempt to retroactively (and unsuccessfully) adjust the Constitution to support the behavior.

    Raquel Bolton tells CBS Chicago she was at the beach with her children — four and eight years old, respectively — when the young beachgoers accidentally splashed water on the woman. "This woman’s yelling at them because she splashed water," says Bolton, who immediately started filming the incident — a fact which clearly doesn't deter the woman from initiating and disgustingly finishing her racist tirade.

    According to Bolton, the unsettling episode prompted a discussion with her children regarding the unfortunate realities still facing race relations in the United States. Bolton adds that she felt inspired to "videotape the ignorance" and share it, a move which has currently garnered nearly 150,000 views and a very much still-in-progress discourse in the comments.

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    Free speech to say the N-word? Gee, I didn't know the constitution included that word. Dumbass, racist bitch.
    Rock the fuck on!

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    She's disgusting and I'm glad someone taped her and put her on the internet. Suck it beached whale.
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    I'll pray for her. In the meantime, I hope she dies. Painfully.
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    I saw an episode of cops where some white kid called an old lady the n-word and he was arrested for ethnic intimidation.
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    They'll never stop being a racist, whether they're screaming the n-word out loud like this ... idiot ... or just screams, "fucking n-word" in their head. They'll never change. A "victim" of being a product of their environment and not breaking the cycle. No excuse or empathy for these douchebags.
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