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Thread: Meet Uber-Bitch ESPN reporter Britt McHenry

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    Default Meet Uber-Bitch ESPN reporter Britt McHenry

    Apparently she got her car towed and then proceeded to be a complete bitch and belittle the person who worked at the towing company on camera, calling her fat, stupid, and toothless.

    I don't think she should be fired. I think she should be demoted to the most demoralizing job at ESPN. Like ESPN cafeteria lady.

    (Video at link)

    Britt McHenry Video: ESPN Reporter Goes Off On A Towing Firm Worker, Calls Her Fat And Dumb [Video]

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    I realize towing companies are a necessary evil, but I keep hearing that this one is particularly bad - costs you $300 to get your car out of hock, they tow cars that shouldn't have been towed in the first place, and in the meantime, they screw up your car so badly while towing it, it costs $5,000 to fix it.

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