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Thread: Half the U.S. Is Covered in Snow (11/18/2014)

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    Default Half the U.S. Is Covered in Snow (11/18/2014)

    Second polar plunge to bring record November chills to the South | Daily Mail Online

    Welcome to winter! Second polar plunge dumps FIVE FEET of snow on Great Lakes, stranding drivers and shutting down highways as 49 states dip below freezing

    • Five feet of snow is expected around Buffalo, New York
    • 49 states, from Wisconsin to Florida, are experiencing below-freezing temperatures
    • Half of the nation is blanketed in snow
    • Authorities shut down the New York State Thruway in western New York
    • Dozens of drivers are stranded on the Thruway after getting caught in incredible pile-up of lake effect snow

    By Michael Zennie and Josh Gardner for MailOnline
    Published: 02:07 EST, 18 November 2014 | Updated: 11:11 EST, 18 November 2014

    America has awakened to the harsh reality of winter today after arctic air blasted 49 states with freezing temperatures and dumped an incredible five feet of snow on parts of the Great Lakes in just a few hours.

    In western New York, authorities were forced to close down the New York State Thruway after snow piled up by the foot overnight.

    More than three feet of snow has fallen in and around Buffalo, New York. Watertown, New York, has been hit almost as hard. Nearly two feet has piled up in northern Wisconsin. Northern and western Michigan expects one to two feet.

    Dozens of drivers were stranded and officials declared a state of emergency in Buffalo and the surrounded suburbs. Authorities were enforcing a travel ban and urging residents to stay home, according to the Buffalo News.

    In Northeast Ohio, temperatures hit record lows for November as wind chills dropped to -8 degrees. Lows in Chicago dropped to 12 degrees with a wind chill of -6.

    Piled on: Good Morning America host Gio Benitez showed off thigh-deep snow that had fallen overnight in Buffalo, New York

    Record lows: Tuesday's lows were poised to bring historic chills to the South with temperatures dropping below freezing as far south as Houston and even Florida's panhandle feeling the wallop of early winter

    On Monday, parts of Upstate New York experienced thundersnow, the rattling early winter phenomenon, and could see it again.

    Accuweather meteorologist Tom Kines said big snowfall is contained to a few places experiencing lake effect snow from the Great Lakes.

    'Those places that are getting hit by lake effect are measuring snow by feet not inches,' he said.

    Snow last week ensured that nearly half of the nation is now blanketed in snow - which might not be a record, but it's rare for November, Mr Kines added.

    The arctic blast is expected to bring temperatures well below freezing as far south as Houston on Tuesday morning. Northern Florida and the southeast have even dropped below freezing. In Mariana, Florida, the low this morning was 31 degrees.

    Even lower temperatures are expected for tomorrow in the southeast - where even New Orleans could drop to 31 degrees, setting a record low for this time of year, according to

    The winter weather has caused 17 deaths - mostly from car crashes because of slippery roads - since Saturday. More crashes are expected as commuters re-learn how to drive in the snow.

    Chilling: Houston's record low for November 18 stood at 28F as residents braced for some chills that would challenge it. The same was true Throughout Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia and parts of Florida

    Feeling colder: The wind chills across the U.S. on Tuesday will make cold temperatures feel even icier

    Sledders, from left, Kaitlin Crawford, Casey Brugh and Kyle LeBarron trek across the snow-covered Helfrich Hills Golf Course in Evansville, Indiana in search of the perfect hill on Monday morning

    Digging out: One Buffalo resident had to dig a trench just so she could open the door to let her dog out

    Three feet: This Buffalo resident measured 34 inches of snow on Tuesday morning - and two more feet could fall before it stops

    Second polar plunge to bring record November chills to the South | Daily Mail Online

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    Anyone on the board from the Buffalo area? Wondering about the logistics of clearing the six plus feet of snow! The most I have experienced at once was about three feet.

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    Those pictures people have posted with their front door snowed in are CRAZY. Poor dogs, they can't even go pee unless someone shovels a little tunnel out.

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    We talked about this at lunch. We were like, "sometimes Iowa sucks, but at least we don't live in Buffalo!"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beeyotch View Post
    Those pictures people have posted with their front door snowed in are CRAZY. Poor dogs, they can't even go pee unless someone shovels a little tunnel out.
    Many, many, years ago my uncle in Pennsylvania had a snow drift right up against the front of his house. Their back door must have been blocked, too, because he had to climb out the bathroom window and slide down the mount of snow to get to his garage to get the snowblower out!
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    I have never seen snow but when I think of snow, I think of wonderful fun things. This looks like a pain in the ass.
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