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Thread: Canadian Parliament under lock down

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    Default Canadian Parliament under lock down

    Shootings reported.

    They are breaking in on TV right now saying 3 shootings. Details are breaking.
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    I just saw this on is reporting that the shootings were at Parliament Hill, the National War Memorial, and near the Rideau Centre.

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    I'm hearing most of Ottawa is on lockdown right now. What the fuck.
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    Globe footage captures shooting in Parliament building

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    The guard at the war memorial who was shot, has died. With the car attack of two Canadian soldiers in Quebec two days soldier died ...and now this, looks like terrorism has come to Canada.

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    Just turned this sad.
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    Being Canadian and having lived in Ottawa for six years, this is so sad for our country today. What looks to be an act of terrorism in the very halls of Parliament is beyond scary. Wednesday is caucus day so many of the MPs were present in the Centre Block. Our Parliament Hill has been very open and welcoming to those wanting to see the buildings and tour the grounds. I'm sure this is the last day that will ever happen.

    A soldier gaurding the War Memorial was also shot and killed... I can't think of a more symbolic act of terrorism. A few days ago two soldiers were run down, one killed.

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    I'm sorry that it takes incidents like this to shake people out of their naive complacency that "it won't happen here". It can and it will. There are a LOT of very angry, radicalised jihadi wannabe's in Oz and I fully expect something similar to happen here. The scary thing is that it could happen any time, anywhere and there's nothing we can realistically do to prevent it. I'm not usually prone to scaremongering and media hype/hysteria but this time I'm worried. WW3 is here.
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    What's the current story here? Is it some kind of organized group with multiple people, or one self-radicalized nut?

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    A Canadian-born Algerian is the identified shooter who was killed, lockdown in Ottawa was lifted but apparently put back on tonight. So far only one shooter but there were reports of several others.

    a few days ago another radical ran down two soldiers in Quebec. In both instances the perpetrators were determined to be high risk travellers and had their passports seized.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MohandasKGanja View Post
    What's the current story here? Is it some kind of organized group with multiple people, or one self-radicalized nut?
    Or just some homeless crack addict.

    Ottawa shooter tried to rob Vancouver McDonald’s with stick

    Jon Woodward, CTV News, Reporter

    Published Thursday, October 23, 2014 4:43PM PDT
    Last Updated Thursday, October 23, 2014 8:14PM PDT

    Ottawa shooter Michael Zehaf Bibeau attempted to confess to a historical armed robbery that the RCMP believed didn’t happen, then attempted an armed robbery at a McDonald’s to go to jail, court recordings provided to CTV News show.
    It was all part of a bizarre plan by the man who attacked Parliament Hill to get to jail to atone for his sins and get clean from a crack addiction, the audio recordings show.
    “Perfect, perfect,” a Zehaf Bibeau says with a French accent on the tapes, when he is finally allowed to be incarcerated. “The RCMP are investigating.”

    Zehaf Bibeau visited the Burnaby detachment of the RCMP to claim he had committed an armed robbery in Quebec 10 years ago, but an officer could find no evidence of the crime. Instead, the RCMP arrested Zehaf Bibeau under the B.C.’s Mental Health Act, and released him the next day.

    Zehaf Bibeau then attempted to rob a Vancouver McDonald’s with a pointed stick, the recording reveals.
    His grin unnerved the McDonald’s clerk, who asked if the man was serious. Zehaf Bibeau said, “Yes, hand over the money, homeboy.”

    The McDonald’s clerk refused, telling Zihaf Bibeau that he had already phoned the police.
    “Beat it,” the clerk said.

    Zehaf-Bibeau walked out of the McDonald’s, and dropped his stick on the pavement to wait for police arrived.
    That’s when he was arrested and court workers concluded that he may have an undiagnosed mental health disorder, in addition to being addicted to crack.

    At a Dec. 19, 2011 bail hearing, Zehaf-Bibeau told the court that he didn’t want to be on the outside.
    “I wanted to come to jail,” he said. “The RCMP couldn’t do the work fast enough."

    “I warned them that if you can’t keep me in I will do something right now to put me in.”
    He was kept in jail pending his trial and given a psych assessment.

    “The accused is aware of his charged and possible consequences of conviction,” said the psychiatrist. “He wants to be in jail as he believes this is the only way he can overcome his addiction to crack cocaine.”

    “He has been a devoted Muslim for seven years and he believes he must spend time in jail as a sacrifice to pay for his mistakes in the past and he hopes to be a better man when he is eventually released.

    I am unable to find any features or signs of a mental illness and although he seems to be making an unusual choice this is insufficient basis for a diagnosis of a mental disorder. I recommend that the accused is presumed fit to stand trial,” the psychiatrist wrote.

    On Feb. 22, 2012, Zehaf-Bibeau was sentenced to time served.
    There is no record in that proceeding of a historical armed robbery, though Zehaf-Bibeau does have a criminal record in Quebec.

    Ottawa shooter tried to rob Vancouver McDonald’s with stick | CTV Vancouver News

    As Canadian as possible under the circumstances


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