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Thread: One-Legged Drunk Lady Attacks Flight Attendants With Prosthetic Leg

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    Default One-Legged Drunk Lady Attacks Flight Attendants With Prosthetic Leg

    One-Legged Drunk Lady Attacks Flight Attendants With Prosthetic

    2 Andy Cush Profile

    Andy Cush

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    Yesterday 4:23pm

    On a flight from Enfindha, Tunisia to Edinburgh, Scotland last night, a drunk woman, apparently angry that flight crew members wouldn't give her cigarettes and/or a parachute, allegedly took off her prosthetic leg and attacked flight attendants with it.

    Before going after the crew, the woman reportedly slapped a young girl in the face. The incident forced the pilot to make an emergency landing at London's Gatwick airport, where the woman was arrested.

    John Smith, a passenger, gave the Scotsman an eyewitness account:

    "She was off her face on drink.

    "She was shouting 'I want cigarettes' and that she wanted a parachute to jump off the plane.

    "She slapped a young girl and then assaulted the cabin crew with her prosthetic leg.
    "They took it off her, but she started kicking them with her good leg.
    Smith added that it "sounds funny," but "was not a laughing matter at the time. It was serious."

    The plane allegedly sat for an hour on the runway in London, where passengers sang the Hokey Cokey—the British Hokey Pokey—as the woman was escorted out.

    Just to twist the knife a little more, the Sussex Police saw fit to mention the woman's employment status in their statement to the Scotsman:

    "At 10.22pm on Wednesday 30 July a 48-year-old unemployed woman from Edinburgh was arrested at the North Terminal, Gatwick Airport, on suspicion of using threatening behaviour while aboard Thompson flight 297 from Tunisia to Edinburgh.
    "The flight was diverted into Gatwick after it was alleged the woman had been abusive and had thrown a prosthetic leg and food at cabin crew."

    The flight, which was scheduled to land at 11:30 p.m., finally touched down in Edinburgh at 2:30 a.m.

    [Image via AP]

    One-Legged Drunk Lady Attacks Flight Attendants With Prosthetic
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    How very Aviva from real housewives of her.

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    I read the article and the comments and I'm crying with laughter. The fact they sang the Hokey Cokey as she was getting escorted out has made me feel so proud to be British.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Heidi Ho View Post
    How very Aviva from real housewives of her.
    That's who I thought of too!
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