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Thread: *Graphic* A 20-year-old man allegedly tried to kill himself on 4chan

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    Default *Graphic* A 20-year-old man allegedly tried to kill himself on 4chan

    Young man stages horrifying online suicide attempt by trying to burn himself to death as 200 viewers watched live stream and ENCOURAGED him

    A disturbed young man has shocked North America after he tried to kill himself by setting his room on fire while 200 people watched on an online messageboard.

    The 20-year-old identified himself only as 'Stephen' but is thought to be a student in Canada and announced on the anonymous 4chan that he intended to commit suicide and broadcast the event for others to see.

    Disturbingly, scores of online users signed up to watch the suicide attempt and helped the man to set up the video stream for the 'an hero' - online slang for suicide attempt.

    Horrific: 'Stephen' posted this note on 4chan explaining why he was trying to commit suicide

    After 200 users had signed up to his video stream, 'Stephen' swallowed a handful of pills and drank vodka lighting a fire in the corner of his room about 7pm on Saturday.

    He retreated under his bed as smoke appeared to billow around him.

    4chan is an imageboard website allowing users to post anonymously.

    'As an oldf*g who’s been on 4chan since 2004, I thought I would finally give back to the community in the best possible way,' he wrote on the notorious imageboard.

    'I am willing to an hero [commit suicide] on cam for you all.

    'All that I request is for you guys to link me to a site where I am able to stream it for you guys.'

    Strange community: 200 viewers watched as Stephen's room filled with smoke and firefighters pulled him from the room

    The Daily Dot reported another user set up a video chatroom on streaming website Chateen which 'Stephen' joined.

    'Stephen' used the username LOLDoge, a reference to a meme featuring a photo of a Shiba Inu dog that is popular on 4chan.

    With 200 viewers - the maximum allowed on Chateen - watching him and even more trying to get in, Stephen downed booze and pills before setting his room alight.

    As the camera rolled, he crawled under the bed where he typed: '#imdead #omgimonfire' and
    'I’m f*ck3d'.

    The troubling video, still available online, shows firefighters pulling him out of the smokey room.

    A number of viewers disturbingly encouraged 'Stephen' during his suicide attempt, while others clamored to view the horrific scene.

    One wrote: 'Let's all of us use his photo as wallpaper for one week. He's doing it.'

    Another who was frustrated at not being to watch the suicide attempt because the chat room was full wrote: 'Leave someone so we can join.'

    Another anonymous user wrote: 'PROVIDE PICS ROOM IS FULL DAMN IT.'

    s 200 viewers watched, 'Stephen' ingested pills and vodka, lit a fire with his toaster and hid under his bed

    The disturbing video captured the moment firefighters pulled 'Stephen' out of the smokey room. It is not known whether he is still alive

    It is not known whether 'Stephen' survived the fire.

    YourAnonNews, a Twitter account associated with the hacktivist group Anonymous, reported that Stephen was the fatality in a Spring Garden, Pittsburgh, house fire, cited in a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article.

    Other users say he is an injured student from the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada.

    According to the Guelph Mercury, one person was injured in a dorm room fire on campus.

    CTV reported that the cause of the campus fire has not yet been released but added that the fire department said there's evidence it may have been set deliberately.

    An anonymous user tonight posted their own account of the incident, claiming 'Stephen' had taken prescription drugs in his dorm room, cheated on his girlfriend, was disowned by his parents and 'in debt for useless degree'.

    They wrote fire crews arrived on scene 20 minutes after 'Stephen' lit the fire and he is now injured in hospital.

    'Stephen' has quickly become the subject of cruel taunts on the messageboard, being dubbed 'Toaster Steve'.

    Read more: 4chan user sets himself on fire in live streamed suicide attempt as 200 people watch | Mail Online
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    Jesus we're savages.
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    I hope he's still alive and he physically recovers, then gets the help he clearly needs to mentally recover too. Who are these 200 sick twats goading him on? Disgusting.
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    Epic fail. Either way, he's kicked off 4chan forever I suppose.
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    He fucked himself royally with this shenanigan. He probably won't get to finish his "useless degree" (I'm assuming colleges frown upon their students setting dorm rooms on fire), will be even more massively in debt (that restitution is a bitch), and might even end up with an arson charge.

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    He was the guy at the University of Guelph, so I'm glad he's still alive. His real name is Dakota Moore.

    Toaster Steve Identified as Dakota Moore

    Posted in Crime
    The University of Guelph student known as Toaster Steve on 4chan has been identified by friends as Dakota Moore. The 20-year-old broadcast an apparent suicide attempt on live video on Chateen in which he downed vodka, ingested pills and then used a toaster to start a fire. Thankfully, he was rescued and is now getting the professional help he needs.

    Scroll down to see 9 pictures of Dakota Moore, who friends say is a very charming guy that is fun to be around and always seemingly happy.
    “He’s always trying to make people laugh,” said a friend who didn’t want to be named. “I had no idea he was depressed.”
    Let us all use this as a reminder to reach out to our loved ones. Outward appearances don’t always tell the story of what is going on in someone’s mind. And if you are struggling with suicidal thoughts, please call 1-800-273-TALK to receive immediate counseling.

    9 Dakota Moore Photos - Toaster Steve Suicide Attempt on 4chan Video
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