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Thread: Man behind Oregon's infamous exploding whale dies

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    Default Man behind Oregon's infamous exploding whale dies

    Certain things pop into my mind that I haven't seen in a long time, and decide to look it up. Well I just found out that the man who plotted to blow up the dead whale has passed away.

    By Elizabeth Chuck, Staff Writer, NBC News
    An engineer who blew up a whale carcass in Oregon using some 20 cases of dynamite has died, but the biggest bang of his career will live forever in YouTube infamy.
    George Thornton, who was called into action by the Oregon Department of Transportation when a 45-foot whale washed up on the beach near Florence, Ore., in 1970, passed away on Sunday, The Oregonian reported. He was 84.
    The massive mammal that beached on Oregon's coastline on Nov. 9, 1970, was dead on arrival, and for a few days, local officials, unaccustomed to whales washing up on their shore, struggled with what to do with it. Burying it could result in it being uncovered; cutting it up or burning it were also ruled out because it was so big.

    So highway officials called on Oregon Department of Transportation highway engineer Thornton to think of another way to remove the whale, which by that point, was starting to decay. Thornton devised a plan: He and a crew would line the beached beast with dynamite, hit the plunger, and let the pieces of blubber scatter into the water. What was left would be cleaned up by seagulls and crabs, he figured. the rest here: Man behind Oregon's infamous exploding whale dies - U.S. News

    Another article:

    GRANTS PASS, Ore. – An Oregon highway engineer who blew up a dead beached whale with a half-ton of dynamite in 1970 has died at the age of 84.
    George Thomas Thornton gained national attention over the exploding whale, and the act endured for decades thanks to a video that shows giant pieces of whale carcass splattering across the beach and spectators.
    Thornton got the call Nov. 12, 1970, to remove a 45-foot-long sperm whale estimated to weigh 8 tons that had washed up near Florence, and had started to stink. At the time, the state Highway Division had jurisdiction over beaches, said Oregon Department of Transportation spokesman Don Hamilton. Thornton was a highly respected engineer who worked 37 years at the agency, he said.
    Thornton had refused to talk about the exploding whale for many years, once remarking that every time he did, “it blew up in my face.”
    “I don’t think he was trying to be funny,” said Paul Linnman, who hosts a news show on Portland radio KEX and did the 1970 report for KATU television news that became a staple on YouTube. “It’s just the way he felt.”
    Thornton told Ed Shoaps, then a public information officer for ODOT, that the district engineer was going elk hunting and left the job to him.
    Shoaps said Thornton felt they couldn’t haul the whale out to sea because it would wash back up. They couldn’t bury it on the beach, because the waves would uncover it. And they couldn’t burn it. So Thornton consulted the Navy and other munitions experts, and was advised to blow it up. His crew set the dynamite on the landward side of the whale, hoping to blow it into the water.
    “We all know what happened after that,” said Shoaps.
    In Linnman’s report, Thornton wears a hardhat and explains in a straightforward manner that the plan is to blow the whale into little pieces that can be consumed by gulls and crabs. About 75 spectators and news reporters draw back to a sand dune a quarter mile away. When the blast erupts, it is greeted with cries of wonder that are soon replaced by sounds of revulsion as bits of whale covered people in goo.
    “The humor of the situation suddenly gave way to a run for survival as huge chunks of whale blubber fell everywhere,” Linn man says in the video. One big chunk flattened the roof of a car.
    Some 20 years later, humor writer Dave Berry wrote about the exploding whale as one of his, “I’m not making this up” stories, said Shoaps. Someone posted it on a bulletin board in the early days of the Internet
    “I consider it the first story to go viral on the Internet,” said Shoaps.
    A Google search turns up the YouTube video and a website,
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    It's the sounds on that video that I've always loved more than anything. The happy calls of excited onlookers suddenly turning to screams as people realize things aren't going to plan and the thuds of huge chunks of rancid blubber pelting the ground. Beautiful
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    ^^me too. it reminds me of the WKRP Thanksgiving episode when they drop the turkeys out of the helicopter -'As God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly'
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    Quote Originally Posted by witchcurlgirl View Post
    ^^me too. it reminds me of the WKRP Thanksgiving episode when they drop the turkeys out of the helicopter -'As God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly'
    And totally blew Les Nessman's chance of getting a Buckeye Newshawk award, two years running.....
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