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Thread: TX Man: After 34 Years My Partnerís Sister Forced Us Apart

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    Default TX Man: After 34 Years My Partnerís Sister Forced Us Apart

    TX Man: After 34 Years My Partner

    TX Man: After 34 Years My Partner’s Sister Forced Us Apart, Took Our Home Because We Weren’t Married

    A Texas man says he and his partner were together for 34 years but his partner’s sister has now forced them apart, taken their home, and his partner’s finances — and done it legally because they weren’t married. For the last six years his partner, Jim, who is older, suffered from Alzheimer’s. Jim’s estranged sister, Lon Watts writes on Facebook, was able to take their home and Jim’s finances through the courts by filing for guardianship — despite Lon having power of attorney.

    “She put him in a Nursing Home and had criminal trespass orders against me to keep me away from him,” Lon Watts writes:

    I’LL NEVER BE ABLE TO SEE HIM AGAIN! She got his bank account from Social Security Disability and sold his house out from under me. I had 2 weeks to vacate uur home of 12 years. [sic]

    If we were EQUAL in the eyes of the law we would be together till the end. But as it stands in Texas, a money hungry greedy relative was able to steal our life and toss me out as trash to pad her pocketbook. I pray God has mercy on her soul for her evil deeds. I am content knowing the world is coming around to acknowledge that ALL HUMANS ARE CREATED EQUAL and SHOULD HAVE EQUAL RIGHTS.

    Lon’s story has been shared almost 3000 times on Facebook and has more than 3000 likes. Sadly, Lon and Jim’s story, and others like it, are the exact reason why marriage must be extended to all same-sex couples across the entire nation.

    Anyone who claims needs and rights of same-sex couples can be protected through some legal forms is not only mistaken, but wholly wrong and spreading false information.

    One Facebook commenter notes:
    Power of attorney is only for medical decisions. In the state of Texas all of the following must be obtained :

    Cohabitation/Property Agreements
    Name Changes
    Second Parent Adoptions
    Medical Record Releases
    Living Wills
    Powers of Attorney

    Power of Attorney in not enough!

    When it comes to inheritance, distribution of property and personal effects, medical, financial, and burial decisions, no one who is not your legal spouse or blood relative has any rights to act on your behalf. Gay marriages and civil unions are not currently recognized in Texas. Therefore, it is essential for the Texas LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community to have comprehensive and thorough planning that is tailored to protect themselves and their families.

    While another writes:
    No that is incorrect! POA does NOT cover medical decisions in Texas!! You must have a medical power of attorney to handle medical issues. Please consult with an attorney before assuming what each document does. I handle these matters for the LGBT community and it is so important to have the right things in place. You must be sure to express each need to your legal practitioner and then make sure you understand what each document you have covers and what protection it provides for you.

    All of which merely expose the fact that not only does each state handle LGBT issues differently, there’s a great deal of confusion even within the LGBT community.

    Even then, same-sex couples have to fight with hospitals and courts to make certain our wishes are followed — when we are at our most vulnerable, sick or unable to do so for ourselves.

    Opposite-sex couples don’t have to worry about any of this — they just get married and get over 1100 rights, automatically.

    We’ve reached out to Lon, who shared his story with the excellent Gay Marriage USA Facebook page, to see how we can help.

    If there’s anyone who can offer legal advice or assistance please contact Lon directly through his Facebook page.
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    I'm ashamed of Texas and I'm not even an American! I hope the sister is happy with the misery she's caused.
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    This is shocking that his own sister would do this. The sad part is this could all have been prevented with a visit to a lawyer years ago. You never know what lies ahead (like dementia) and by then it is too late. If you are in a gay relationship or even a partnership without marriage you have to cross every T and dot every I, especially when you know your state will not recognise the legality. Take no chances with the future security of your beloved.
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    How sad. This sister is rotten bitch. I don't know how people like this can sleep at night. I hope she can't. Whether she liked or agreed with her brothers life or not, how could you go so against what you know he wanted and hurt the person he loved?
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    The sister was just greedy.
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    that is so damn sad.
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    Heartbreaking. I'm so sorry for this couple.

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