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Thread: Flaunt Magazine Is Throwing a Guantanamo-Themed Coachella Party

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    Default Flaunt Magazine Is Throwing a Guantanamo-Themed Coachella Party

    Flaunt Magazine
    would like to cordially invite you to a Guantanamo-themed Coachella party. You heard that right: cool off after dancing the night away to Modest Mouse with "pleasurable torture" courtesy of Smashbox Studios and, uh, simulate interrogation in your True Religion jeans?

    The event, advertised by topless babes wielding machine guns, promises a "unique and painfully pleasurable pop up experience. The watering hole, the first building ever built in Coachella, CA, will feature playful torture by Smashbox Studios with beats poured by French music and fashion label Kitsuné. This one will go until dawn."

    Oh hey, a (lackluster) attempt at a waterboarding joke! How did that brainstorming session go down? "I'm thinking watering hole. Pool parties are so passé. Huckleberry Finn? Nah, too racist. I'VE GOT IT: detention camps! Always a crowd-pleaser!"

    We thought we were jaded in terms of obscenely offensive party invites, but you could say this one blows every frat bro's wet dream/Paul Frank's pow wow-themed Fashion's Night Out invite out of the water. See, we can make torture jokes, too! But we won't. Because this isn't a matter of whether it's "too soon" to make Guantanamo jokes. Sorry, prospective attendees who already trendily distressed their True Religions to illustrate the experience of being dragged around with a leash: it will always be too soon to throw fashion after-parties based on a torture camp that went down in history as a source of horror and national embarrassment.

    Flaunt Magazine Is Throwing a Guantanamo-Themed Coachella Party
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    Oh FFS. On so many levels. This is right up there with the fashion shoot featuring Hurricane Sandy. And of all the music festivals, Coachella irritates me the most, so I guess hats off to Flaunt and Smashbox for making me hate it even more.
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