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Thread: Greenland Ice-sheet melting

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    Exclamation Greenland Ice-sheet melting

    JAKOBSHAVN GLACIER, Greenland Gripping a bottle of Jack Daniel's between his knees, Jay Zwally savored the warmth inside the tiny plane as it flew low across Greenland's biggest and fastest-moving outlet glacier.

    Mile upon mile of the steep fjord was choked with icy rubble from the glacier's disintegrated leading edge. More than six miles of the Jakobshavn had simply crumbled into open water.

    "My God!" Zwally shouted over the hornet whine of the engines.

    From satellite sensors and seasons in the field, Zwally, 67, knew the ice sheet below in a way that few could match. Even after a lifetime of study, the raffish NASA glaciologist with a silver dolphin in one pierced ear was dismayed by how quickly the breakup had occurred.

    Wedged between boxes of scientific instruments, tent bags, duffels and survival gear, Zwally had no room to turn inside the cramped passenger compartment of the twin-engine Otter. He passed the whiskey bottle over his shoulder to geophysicist Jose Rial from the University of North Carolina, squeezed on a jump seat between a surveyor and a sleeping climatologist.

    Homeward bound windburned, bone-chilled and greasy after weeks on this immense ice cap tilted like a beret flopped across the top of the world they all had been in a celebratory mood.

    Somber now, Zwally and Rial shared a drink in silence as the shadow of the plane slipped across azure meltwater lakes, rust-red tundra and silver tongues of ice.,full.story

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    So apparently by the end of this century climate will have changed to the extent that Mediterranean climate will become sub-Saharan, and so on.

    You know, when I said I always wanted to travel to Africa, that's not quite what I mean.

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