A married executive dubbed the "Lap Dunce" was temporarily stripped of his job yesterday after his company began investigating a $241,000 tab he allegedly racked up at Scores.
Robert McCormick, 40, was placed on unpaid leave as Savvis Communications Corp. probed his eye-popping American Express bill from a wild night two years ago at the East Side pleasure palace.

McCormick, the chief executive officer of the St. Louis, Mo.-based Internet service provider, was immediately sent home until the company's audit committee completes its investigation.

"I am confident that the audit committee will conduct a fair, prompt and thorough investigation that protects the interests of Savvis, its investors, customers and employees," said Jack Finlayson, the company's president and chief operating officer.

Finlayson, who was appointed the company's acting CEO, added, "We will not allow these internal matters to affect our ability to deliver superior services."

Savvis' stock dropped 6.25% yesterday to 60 cents a share.

McCormick, a married father of three daughters who earns $600,000 a year, could not be reached for comment last night.

The mogul's pricey shenanigans at Scores were exposed in a lawsuit American Express brought against Savvis after McCormick refused to pay his bill on his corporate credit card.

McCormick, whose photo appeared on the front page of the Daily News next to the headline "Lap Dunce," insisted he and three business acquaintances spent a mere $20,000 at Scores on Oct. 22, 2003.

But the strip club's officials said he grossly miscalculated.

AmEx claimed in a lawsuit that it has documents signed by McCormick indicating the titillating tab was legitimate.

McCormick allegedly took over Scores' mirror-lined President's Club and ordered 10 exotic dancers at a time to lavish him with attention for $4,000 an hour, a club source said.

When the hour was up, McCormick demanded, "I need 10 more," the source said.

Savvis officials insisted yesterday that McCormick never submitted the club charges to the company for reimbursement.

I think this is absolutely hilarious. What a dumbass.