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Thread: Video: 550-Pound World War II Era Bomb is Detonated in Munich

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    Default Video: 550-Pound World War II Era Bomb is Detonated in Munich


    Hundreds of residents had to be evacuated from the center of Munich last night after German authorities were unable to defuse a 550lb. WWII-era bomb found buried a few feet underground.

    Though there are tens of thousands of unexploded munitions littering the country, this US Air Force bomb was unusual because it required a controlled detonation.

    The explosion occurred around 10 PM local time, and the resulting blast blew out windows in the surrounding area and started a few small fires. No injuries were reported, and most residents have since been allowed to return to their homes.

    Experts say this latest incident could be a sign of things to come. As one former bomb disposal chief told Spiegel Online, "unexploded bombs are becoming more dangerous by the day through material fatigue as a result of ageing and through erosion of safety elements in the trigger mechanisms."

    The threat extends beyond Germany to neighboring countries, where similar bombs were dropped during the war. The discovery of an unexploded WWII bomb forced Amsterdam's Schiphol airport to shut down one of its terminals this morning, and several flights were either canceled or delayed.

    This Is What It Looks Like When a 550-Pound World War II Era Bomb is Detonated in the Center of a German City
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    Now just imagine hundreds of those falling on you
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    Obviously, I am really glad there were no injuries, but it's an amazing video. I assume that whoever took the video knew it was going to happen?
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    ^^ yes everyone knew, it was all over the news.
    i'm glad no one was hurt.
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    Holy crap.

    I've seen newsreel footage of bombings during the Blitz in London, but that was rough black and white footage with bad sound. Scary enough. This is even more shocking--so damn loud and huge. I would be shell-shocked for life if I'd lived through London, or Dresden. So troubling that WWII casts such a very long shadow...
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