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Thread: Chex Mix, Rope, Diaper Found in 70-year-old's Throat

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    Default Chex Mix, Rope, Diaper Found in 70-year-old's Throat

    Behind a door in a dark hallway of a rundown Roxborough apartment complex, a blind woman told a social worker that she "did something" to her elderly roommate, and that something turned out to be incredibly disturbing.

    Chex Party Mix, a lotion bottle, a piece of a diaper, a candy wrapper and 10 inches of rope.

    Geraldine Cherry, 50, admitted that she took all those items and shoved them down her roommate's throat, killing her, according to an arrest affidavit.

    At first, Kathleen McEwan, 70, appeared to have died June 10 of natural causes, face up in her bed.

    It wasn't until an undertaker noticed something in McEwan's mouth as he was preparing her body that the heinous way she died came to light.

    "We pushed her tongue in and a rope popped out," said Brian Hurst, a staffer with John J. Bryers Funeral Home in Willow Grove. "I was never expecting it to be a homicide."

    Hurst, who also found a candy wrapper, immediately contacted the Philadelphia Medical Examiner's Office, who didn't believe Hurst's story until he texted a picture of the rope to them. While examining the body, the medical examiner found the rest of the items lodged inside McEwen and ruled her death a homicide.

    Cherry was arrested Wednesday at the Parker Place apartments on Parker Avenue near Ridge and charged with murder. She is being held without bail and has a preliminary hearing July 11.

    The relationship between the roommates isn't clear, but Hurst said that McEwan was a special-needs resident of the apartment and had been placed there by the nonprofit social-service agency Resources for Human Development (RHD), headquartered in Philadelphia.

    A woman at the Parker Place apartments referred all comment to a representative of RHD when a reporter knocked on a basement apartment Thursday. That man did not return a phone call for comment.

    The affidavit said that a few days after the slaying, Cherry told a woman who works for RHD that she "was a bad person" and "did something." On Monday, police interviewed Cherry, who then allegedly admitted to shoving the items into McEwan's throat.

    Cherry, according to the affidavit, also admitted to some unspecified "violent acts in her past."

    The few people at the apartment complex who knew of the roommates said they had only been there about a month. Cherry, who is blind, was vaguely familiar to one man walking in with groceries Thursday night.

    "She was short, she wore pink a lot. She used to walk around with one of those red-and-white canes," said the man, who asked not to be identified. "She hadn't been here very long."

    Parker Place residents said RHD had moved in many people with "special needs" within the last month and one said there was not enough supervision over the new tenants. Resident Eugene Walker said some of the tenants placed by RHD often knock on his door.

    "They're bringing people here who might need to be in a mental institution," said another resident, who asked not to be identified.
    Chex mix, rope, diaper found in 70-year-old's throat -

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    Troubled life for woman accused of killing roommate with rope

    July 25, 2012|By Jason Nark and Daily News Staff Writer
    A DARKNESS HAD SETTLED over Geraldine Cherry decades ago, before her large family was torn apart, before her long stretches in hospital rooms and prison cells, before those sudden, violent seconds that left her without eyes.

    Cherry's history of erratic behavior stretched back to her childhood, court records show, and although some of her 14 remaining siblings across the United States had lost track of her over the years, some said they'd never imagined she'd be left alone with an elderly roommate.

    "My mom put locks on the inside of her door because of Geraldine," said Cherry's sister Brenda Cherry-Hamilton, 48, of Ohio. "I was scared to death of her."

    But Cherry, 50, did have a roommate, a 70-year-old grandmother and longtime waitress from South Philly who struggled with schizophrenia for most of her adult life. A series of strokes had debilitated Kathleen McEwan to the point that she couldn't feed or dress herself. She no longer recognized her family, not even the grandson she once kissed and caressed as an infant. She certainly couldn't defend herself.

    McEwan and Cherry lived together in a Roxborough apartment, under the care of Resources for Human Development (RHD), a large, nationwide, nonprofit social-service agency headquartered in Philadelphia. On June 10, about 6 a.m., medics from Fire Rescue No. 5 responded to the Parker Place apartments for reports of an unconscious woman and found McEwan, lying face up in bed, her years of suffering seemingly over. McEwan was pronounced dead five minutes later, and taken to a funeral home in Willow Grove.
    Cherry, just a few days later, told an RHD employee that she was a "bad person." She claimed, according to an affidavit of probable cause, that she "did something" and alluded to some "violent acts" in her past. She was charged with murder, and her first court appearance was postponed to July 31 after she was hospitalized for seizures, from which she's suffered for most of her life. The court also ordered a psychiatric evaluation.
    "She used to tell me if I went to sleep she would choke me to death," she said. "My sister had a mental illness and she was violent, and I don't know why they would have put her together with another woman unsupervised. I feel terrible for this woman's family."
    When Geraldine Cherry was just 18, a "violent act" and subsequent psychologist's report landed her behind bars for nearly a decade.

    It was an August afternoon in 1980, and Cherry was standing on an elevated platform at the PATCO high-speed line's Ashland station in Voorhees. She had just been released from jail, said her sister Mona Patterson, of Frankford. A woman was taking the train home from work in Philadelphia and had fallen asleep and missed her exit. She got off at Ashland and waited for another train.

    "All of a sudden, this girl came and just pushed me onto the tracks," the woman, who is now in her 70s and who asked not to be identified, told the Daily News recently. "I remember looking up at her and she was laughing. She was a bit kooky."

    The woman suffered a few scrapes and bruises from the fall. Cherry didn't flee the scene and was charged with aggravated assault. According to court records from Cherry's sentencing in 1981, the warden of the Camden County Jail noted that Cherry had eaten glass from a broken lightbulb. It also was noted that Cherry had spent 2?1/2 years at the New Jersey Juvenile Justice Commission's Johnstone Campus, a medium-security facility in Burlington County for young women. A staggering 72 assault charges were lodged against her at Johnstone, court records show.
    In prison, Cherry went blind actually lost her eyes but how it happened depends on which sibling you ask, and every version is gruesome. One said that during a fight she was stabbed in the eyes with either a pencil or broken glass, another said she stabbed herself in the eyes, and yet another said a prison guard gouged her eyes out because she caused so many problems there.

    "She fought a lot of guards," said her sister Mona.

    In May 1986, Cherry was charged with arson while in prison, and finished out her sentence in Illinois in 1988. After prison, Cherry lived in a number of group homes in Illinois and West Philadelphia, her family said, and even for a short period of time with her mother, without any major incidents

    Here's the full article:
    Troubled life for woman accused of killing roommate with rope - Page 4 -

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    Shit, why did I have to read this first thing in the morning. I don't even know how to reply. It is just all very bizarre and sad.
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    Sounds like something from a horror film. I can't read it all.
    Of course, it had to be the Philadelphia area.
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    Of course Pinkbunny - because stuff like this never happens outside of Philly.

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    I was totally expecting Florida....
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    Quote Originally Posted by louiswinthorpe111 View Post
    I was totally expecting Florida....
    I was just sure it was Ohio.
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    Sick and disturbing!!
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    .....or Ohio............ or Canada.
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