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Thread: Road Rage Turns Almost Deadly in California

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    Default Road Rage Turns Almost Deadly in California

    The men shown beating and kicking the head of another man on the I-5 near downtown Los Angeles were arrested Wednesday, authorities said.
    Edres Ramirez, 27, and David Mendez, 21, turned themselves in to a California Highway Patrol office in Hollywood and were arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, said CHP officer Charmaine Fajardo. They were booked at Men's Central Jail.
    The men shown beating and kicking the head of another man on the I-5 near downtown Los Angeles were arrested Wednesday, authorities said.

    At a news briefing Wednesday, the California Highway Patrol asked for the public's help as it investigated the cell phone video that shows the victim apparently beaten unconscious in a road-rage fight. The incident apparently occurred at about 3:30 p.m. June 12 on the northbound I-5, south of Seventh Street, authorities said.
    While the CHP did not identify the victim, television media outlets said the man's name is Jerry Patterson.
    "I made a simple driving mistake and cut them off unintentionally, and it just escalated from there," Patterson told KCAL. "It just spiraled out of control and I felt I didn't have any choice either get beat up in my car or get out and fight."
    CHP officer Chris Baldonado said the incident was reported as "highway violence" and by the time officers and firefighters arrived at the scene, all those involved had left.
    The video, posted on the website LiveLeak, shows the man, identified as Patterson, arguing with three other men outside their cars on the side of the freeway. Patterson was thrown to the ground by two men, who then kicked him as he was lying on the pavement.

    2 arrested in road rage incident | patterson, highway, chp - News - The Orange County Register
    I need to edit the title... it wasn't "deadly" but it weren't for lack of trying...
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    Hmmm. I like to think if that happened here in Texas at least 3 other drivers would have stopped with guns drawn. I would be one of them. Stupid jerks-kicking him in his head!!
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    If this summer weather continues to be so damn hot, I predict lots more of such incidents.
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    Southern California is a cesspool. I hate it here with a fiery passion.

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    ^^ Feral-Americans are everywhere.
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    This is gonna be me one day, I can just feel it...

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    Fucking assholes jumping a man for making a simple mistake on the road. If you can't handle your rage on the road then turn in your driver's license and ride a tricycle.

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