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Thread: Guests Hospitalized After Attack At Wedding

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    Default Guests Hospitalized After Attack At Wedding

    **Damn, this is less than 20 miles from where that other wedding had the stabbing!***

    Guests Hospitalized After Attack At Wedding
    Fists, Bottle, Pipe Used In Beating

    POSTED: 3:46 pm EDT May 11, 2006

    MARION, Ohio -- Guests at a Central Ohio wedding were rushed to a hospital and two suspects are on the loose.
    Police said about 30 people were at the CWA Hall in Marion when the incident occurred, NBC 4's Elizabeth Scarborough reported.
    Officials said two people used their fists, a liquor bottle and a metal pipe to attack two men.
    One victim managed to get away after being struck several times in the face, but 31-year-old Lakein Campbell is on life support.
    Campbell's family is now asking for help in finding the suspects.
    "I want justice. My family wants justice. It's just not right to treat a human life like they did," said Michelle Moaney, the victim's sister.
    Police issued warrants for the arrest of 29-year-old Charles Fuller and 31-year-old Clifton Ross. Investigators said the men have ties in Marion, Columbus, Delaware and Steubenville.

    Anyone with information is asked to call police.

    Watch NBC 4 and refresh for additional information.
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    Default Re: Guests Hospitalized After Attack At Wedding

    Note to self: don't attend white trash weddings without body armor.
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