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Thread: How Alejandra Gaitan, thereplygirl, Rakes In The Loot Via YouTube

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    Default How Alejandra Gaitan, thereplygirl, Rakes In The Loot Via YouTube

    How reply girl’s videos make her mounds of cash
    Wearing a low-cut top and commenting on viral videos wins her web traffic, and also angry comments
    by Tamsin McMahon on Monday, March 26, 2012 10:41am - 14 Comments

    Photgraph by Roger LeMoyne

    Alejandra Gaitan was, until eight months ago, living below the poverty line and struggling through college in Montreal. Then she discovered YouTube. Specifically, Gaitan discovered that if she found the most popular video on YouTube and filmed herself talking about it in a low-cut top, she could make some money. A lot of money.
    More than 1,000 videos and 25 million views later, Gaitan dropped out of college to focus on reply videos full-time. She is now comfortably “middle class,” thanks to earnings from ad revenue generated by her new career showcasing her breasts on YouTube. “At the beginning, I won’t deny it, it was pure desperation,” says the 24-year-old, who moved to Quebec from Latin America seven years ago and spent a year blogging about art on YouTube before discovering reply videos. “I was just in it for the money. But as the time passes, I’m really starting to enjoy it.”
    Gaitan is what is known as a reply girl, a term she coined through her username—thereplygirl—that seems to have inspired a legion of young buxom women to try their hand at YouTube entrepreneurship. Video replies have long been a staple of the YouTube community, allowing viewers to comment on a video by posting a video of their own. The original videos and the replies are usually linked as related content, which allows viewers of a video to watch the conversation unfold and join the discussion. But reply girls are a particular brand of video blogger who sit at the nexus where user-generated content goes from exhibitionism to spam. They typically troll YouTube for hours looking for trending videos and then post rambling, often nonsensical replies that have little to add to the conversation except to smother it in cleavage.
    Gaitan is the most prolific of the reply girls, posting as much as 20 times a day. Her most popular video, a reply to a video of a North Carolina dad who shot his daughter’s laptop, garnered 1.5 million hits. Like most, they are not particularly edifying. Hers usually begin with “So yeah, I just saw a video about some guy . . .” and end seconds later with her sign-off, “Peace and love everybody. See ya!”
    The few dozen or so reply girls have sparked a backlash among YouTube faithful who complain they go online to watch videos of cats doing backflips only to be bombarded with unrelated, breast-laden replies. YouTube’s content creators, such as the gaming site The Yogscast, accuse reply girls of siphoning off ad revenue by stealing male viewers.
    It’s the money that seems to irk YouTube users the most. Since it purchased YouTube in 2006 for $1.7 billion, Google has struggled to monetize the site’s giant reservoir of videos, mostly by allowing companies to run banner ads on the most popular content. And it should come as no surprise that, like everywhere else on the Web, breasts sell on YouTube. “They are taking the way the Internet was built on sex and sexual images to motivate traffic and they’re actually using it for their own purposes,” says Queen’s University media professor Sidneyeve Matrix. “So it’s controversial, but it’s just so clever.”
    Gaitan won’t reveal how much she makes, saying she’s bound by a confidentiality agreement with Google’s AdSense, which gives users a portion of ad sales generated from every 1,000 viewers. It’s enough that she plans to file taxes this year and hopes to move out of the apartment she shares with her mom. “I’m not a millionaire,” she says. “All I can say is it’s a decent amount of money.”
    Along the way, Gaitan has generated a tremendous amount of hate mail. She has been called a prostitute and threatened with death and rape. Hackers have tried to break into her account and she claims a rival reply girl spammed one of her videos in an attempt to shut her down.
    The irony, she says, is that the more angry comments she receives, the higher her video ranks on the site and the more money she makes. “People are trying to bury me, they’re trying to make me stop,” she says. “But the way I see it, it’s free publicity and absolutely counterproductive for the haters. The more attention I get, the stronger I’ll become.”

    Source: How reply girl’s videos make her mounds of cash - Technology -
    I think she lucked out. Doubt many other peoplell succeed like her. I also doubt thisll last very long. She might want to consider saving whatever she can and going back to college because Im pretty sure shes on her literal 15 minutes of fame.

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    oh FFS, bitch if you can't make it through school in fucking Quebec (the lowest tuition/school costs in the country!) then by all means, drop the fuck out and make titty videos cuz that's all you're capable of.
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    Confessions of a reply girl: Alejandra Gaitan bares all
    May 16, 2012

    YouTube — It’s OK to stare at Alejandra Gaitan’s breasts. In fact, it’s encouraged.

    Gaitan is known as a reply girl—an opportunistic YouTube user who creates cleavage-filled response clips to trending videos and hotbed topics in order to generate page views and, in turn, advertising revenue.

    From last November through February, the reply girls collectively dominated YouTube’s related-videos section through a combination of search-engine-optimization prowess, tag manipulation, and sex appeal. The tactic led to a site-wide controversy and protest six months later, with YouTube ultimately labeling the girls as spam and rewriting its code to address the matter.

    But Gaitan is not just a reply girl. She’s the reply girl—the first to have a YouTube channel dedicated to the act. At the peak of the controversy, Gaitan had a dozen copycats and even some robots. And she’s still going strong, albeit in a slighty new direction, much to the disdain of her detractors.


    Why YouTube’s reply girls are here to stay

    YouTube or boob tube? Reply girls scandal rocks video world

    The YouTube controversy over so-called reply girls escalates

    Why Megan Lee Heart and Brian Martin may be YouTube's Bonnie and Clyde

    “Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to be independent and make money on my own,” Gaitan told the Daily Dot over Skype. “I didn’t know how, but that’s what I always wanted to do.”

    Inspired by the response videos of YouTube’s hemijeep19 and Megan Lee Heart (real name Chrissie Barmore), Gaitan saw an opportunity to finally stop living below the poverty line. The 24-year-old, who lives in Montreal with her mom and two sisters, dropped out of college and started making videos last summer—albeit with more revealing clothes than her contemporaries.

    “Businesses have long used this technique,” Gaitan said in regards to her “sexiness.”

    Soon, Gaitan was making roughly $15,000 a month on a production schedule that included at least five videos a day, she said. (YouTube partners are forbidden from revealing their exact earnings.)

    But with the new revenue stream (and accompanying halter tops) also came a slew of “haters.”

    Frustrated YouTuber users, mostly males upset by the “porn fakeout,” as Gawker’s Max Reed called it, began to flood her comment section with irate insults. Some made fun of her Mexican nationality and accent, while others went so far as to call her “retarded” and threatened her with rape and murder. (Gaitan is actually fluent in three languages.)

    “They write ‘hope you get cancer, and you’ll burn in hell’,” said Gaitan, who estimated that 95 percent of the feedback she receives is “pure hatred.”

    But there’s a silver lining to the vile commentary. It increases the videos’ rankings, since YouTube registers a dislike or a comment as a valid response.

    “Besides, some of my haters are my subscribers, and they come and leave nasty comments on my videos every day. Haters are one of your most loyal viewers, it’s true.”

    While various trolls attempt to “bully” her off the site, Gaitan has refused to budge, focusing instead on providing for her family.

    “I could report the comments to YouTube partner support, but the amount of comments I get is insane,” Gaitan said. “And to me it’s a lot more stressful to read and report them, then just to ignore them.”

    The comments that hurt her the most, she said, are the ones she gets from Heart, a fellow reply girl. On March 13, Gaitan claimed that Heart and her comrades threatened to publicize Gaitan’s personal documents and come to Canada to physically harm her. The doxing attempt failed, thankfully, as Heart’s crew allegedly publicized Gaitan’s address associated with her IP address, not where Gaitan actually lives.

    The feud remains an ongoing concern. Evidence of Heart’s harassment showed up in the comment section of Vice magazine’s May 12 video interview of Gaitan, which discussed her delinquent father, the tragic death of her boyfriend last winter, and her relationship with Heart. Heart’s self-identified manager also claimed in an email last week to the Daily Dot to be working on making a “formal argument to YouTube” to have Gaitan removed from the site.

    “How you say, a barking dog with no bite?” Gaitan countered.

    However, the pressure from Heart and YouTube’s new related-videos algorithm, which went into effect in March, has Gaitan looking forward to a new project—“an e-commerce website selling goods in the US.” Gaitan declined to comment further, stating, “I get so much hatred, I don’t want people to harass what I will be doing.”

    “Hopefully, if everything works fine, I will be able to make a living out of it,” she said.

    If not, there’s always college—and YouTube. Gaitan feels confident in her ability to work around the Google-owned company's algorithms. For now, she's taking a more personal and substantial approach to her reply videos and refusing to spam tags for fear of being booted from the site.

    “Reply channels will never die. YouTube will have to cut people who do genuine replies, and they don't want to do that.”
    —Alejandra Gaitan

    In the future, Gaitan said she wants to focus more on actual blogging.

    “I hope that the people that are watching do appreciate me as a person” she said.

    “In the end, I’m just a girl doing YouTube videos.”

    Photo via YouTube

    Source: Daily Dot | Confessions of a reply girl: Alejandra Gaitan bares all
    Im quite aware that she has haters. Ive seen a few of her videos out of curiosity. She talks, doesnt say much of anything about what shes 'replying' to, closes up on her breasts and thats it. Looking at the comments the majority are pure hatred towards her. I find it funny that theres a feud amongst the reply girls themselves as well, considering the fact that Alejandra seems to reply to other reply videos. What I mean is that youll see MeganLeeHart reply to something and shortly afterwards thereplygirl will reply to the original video. Its almost as if shes just subscribed to the other girl, waits for her responses, tracks down the original video and responds. Maybe thats not it, maybe it just seems that way. But $15,000 a month? Wow. I hope she squirreled some away somewhere. Thats a ridiculous amount of money to go to waste.

    Im wondering, did I read this right? If she talking about leaving Youtube?
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    For what its worth, this lady claims to be the original replygirl and shes calling it quits.

    Honestly all of these reply videos are stupid. Looking at the comments most, if not all of them, are insults. To top things off, I know at least with Alejandras videos, they say absolutely nothing about it. Maybe "It was interesting, check it out" and thats it. Sometimes I wonder if shes even seen the video shes replying to.

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    Can they at least fix their hair?
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    Fuck you all, I'm going viral.

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    Well I've never heard of this chick.

    When I first glanced, I thought she was 'therapy girl'. (That's what I'm gonna start doing on YouTube, bet I could rake in make more than this bitch).
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    This might be the end of the line for her and all of her ilk.
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    Good. Although I don't even watch these fuckfaces I want all of them to go take naps.
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    I got suckered into clicking on one the other day. Was some ugly pasty dude in glasses. I thought he actually knew something about the topic I was looking for; nope, just an ugly 'reply dude'.
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