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Thread: Switzerland: bus crash kills 28, including 22 children

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    Default Switzerland: bus crash kills 28, including 22 children

    Source: BBC

    Switzerland coach crash kills 28, including 22 children
    The wreckage of the bus Police described the crash as "unprecedented"

    At least 28 people - including 22 children - have been killed in a bus crash in Switzerland, police say.

    Another 24 children were injured in the accident in the canton of Valais, near the border with Italy.

    The bus - which was carrying children from Belgium - crashed into the wall of a tunnel. Both drivers were killed.

    The children from the Belgian villages of Lommel and Heverlee were returning home after a skiing holiday. There were 52 people on the bus.

    The bus hit the wall of the tunnel near the town of Sierre on Tuesday night.

    Two classes of schoolchildren from the Flemish-speaking part of Belgium were travelling home after spending a skiing week in Val d'Anniviers, in the Swiss Alps.

    In Brussels, the Belgian foreign ministry said most of the children were aged around 12, and the bus was one of three hired by a Christian group, the AFP news agency reports.

    Some of the injured were later flown by helicopters to hospitals in Lausanne, Berne and other Swiss cities.

    Swiss journalist Ruth Seeholzer told the BBC that some 300 rescuers were working at the scene of the crash.

    She said that the two-lane tunnel was not busy with traffic when the accident happened and driving conditions were normal.

    Police described the crash as "unprecedented".

    An investigation is now under way.

    A helpline for families has been set up, and many parents are expected to arrive in Switzerland shortly.

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    Geez, 28 people killed in one collision. Makes my heart ache.
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    Terrible. Stuff like this is so sad

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    holy shit, that's tragic. if conditions were normal and no one else was involved, i bet the driver fell asleep...
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    I heard the driver might have been speeding. I hope not. So awful.

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    This is just tragic. Those kids were just having the time of their lives hours earlier. Poor,poor parents. They said the drivers were well rested, thinking speeding,too.
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    Mystery deepens for a nation in mourning

    March 18, 2012 - 3:00AM

    BRUSSELS: The mystery of the bus crash that killed 22 children and six adults in a Swiss tunnel is deepening.

    As the bodies of the victims were returned to Belgium amid national mourning, a Swiss prosecutor in the case ruled out the driver being drunk, speeding or being distracted by a DVD player.

    Although investigators were now looking into a possible technical fault with the bus, a driving error, or a medical problem, the prosecutor, Olivier Elsig, made clear that the driver did not suffer a heart attack and had rested sufficiently before Tuesday's crash.

    ''Pending the final confirmation of the examination, we can say that alcohol was not involved,'' Mr Elsig said, citing autopsy results.

    He said the man was driving below the speed limit when his vehicle hit a tunnel wall, killing 22 sixth-graders, four teachers and the two drivers on the bus who were returning to Belgium from a skiing trip in the Swiss Alps.

    Reacting to media reports that the driver may have been changing DVDs before the accident, Mr Elsig said investigators had interviewed about 10 surviving children and other witnesses.

    But there had been ''not a single child, not a single witness who until now could confirm this rumour in any way'', he said.

    The examination of the vehicle and the analysis of the traces collected at the site were continuing.

    Hours earlier, 22 white caskets with the children's bodies and six wooden ones with the adult victims arrived at an airport near Brussels aboard two Belgian military planes.

    The country observed a minute's silence for the dead children from two schools as well as the adults who lost their lives.

    Public transport halted, people in Brussels stood still, and policemen and firemen around the country gathered to pay their respects.

    A minute's silence was observed in the Netherlands too, where six of the victims lived.

    Many of the 24 children who were injured in the crash returned home, while four others were so severely injured that they could not travel, the news agency Belga said.

    The coach was carrying 11- and 12-year-olds when it smashed into the wall of an emergency bay of a tunnel in the canton of Valais.

    The children came from two schools in the Flemish part of Belgium, one in Lommel near the Dutch border and the other in Heverlee, near Leuven.

    Deutsche Presse-Agentur

    This story was found at: Mystery deepens for a nation in mourning
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