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Thread: Woman Sues School After Roommate Has Too Much Sex

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    Default Woman Sues School After Roommate Has Too Much Sex

    One former student of Stonehill College in Massachussets is seeking $150,000 in damages following a wild and crazy sex-filled senior year. The problem is that it wasn't Lindsay Blankmeyer who was having the sex; it was her roommate.

    Rather than devising creative, passive-aggressive, and, ultimately, effort-intensive ways to get back at her libidinous roommate, as you or I might have done, Blankmeyer has opted to make this ménage-a-trois a pas-de-deux by cutting out the third party (her roommate) and suing her school directly. [Warning: Auto-play video at link.]

    According to court documents, Blankmeyer alleges that her roommate engaged in both "sexually inappropriate video chatting" (ballsy) and good old fashioned sex (different kind of ballsy) frequently and while within close proximity to her throughout her senior year.

    The sexcapades, Blankmeyer claims, exacerbated her symptoms of depression, and ultimately caused her to develop suicidal thoughts. She argues that the school failed to rectify the situation when it refused to either a) remove her roommate from their room or b) provide her with a new single room of adequate size.

    A spokeswoman for Stonehill College, a Catholic university, had this to say, in response to Blankmeyer's allegations:
    "The issues between the student and her roommate were first attempted to be resolved through mediation with a residence director. The student was then presented with multiple options for housing on campus, including a private room. The College also made special arrangements for the student to complete her degree while living at home. At no time did the student notify College staff that her concerns involved sexual activity by her roommate."
    According to her lawsuit, Blankmeyer moved to a hotel room before eventually completing her bachelor of arts degree from home.

    Minus the suicidal thoughts, this would make a good porn plot, right?

    Woman Sues School After Roommate Has Too Much Sex

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    so basically, the college tried to rehouse her, in another private room, but it wasn't big enough for her so she didn't take it, and now she's suing the school?
    yes, the roommate's an inconsiderate dick but this chick sounds nuts and she had options, but chose not to use them, and now she's filing a lolsuit.
    on the other hand, if she wins, that's pretty much the price of a private college education, in which case, smart move...
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    Quote Originally Posted by sputnik View Post
    yes, the roommate's an inconsiderate dick .
    IF what this chick is saying is true. Given her unreasonableness when presented with rooming options and the fact that she hadn't brought this up as a reason before, I don't have much faith in her version of events.
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    You can sue for that? Hell, I need to sue for all those nights I slept on the couch in the commons. That couch smelled like unwashed ass. I'm traumatized, I tell ya!
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    It's a Catholic University...she well receive something!
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    I want to see how small the single room is that they offered. It should be at least half of what she was sharing and paying for or they should have offered a discount or something. It does sound like the girl was unwilling to try to reach resolution. I wonder why she didn't report the sex part. Maybe it was against the rules and she was actually trying to be nice and not get the roommate expelled?
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    Funny, I had many problems with my roommate way back when and went to the school. First it was the RA who was completely useless, then some sort of Conflict Resolution person. He was much better but the fact was that I wanted out of that room. We were from two completely different worlds and didnt argue but we did have many problems. I just wanted a different room without a roommate. They wouldnt allow it. It got to the point where, towards the end, we barely spoke and he was barely ever in.

    Truthfully I think that there should be an option for singles dorms. Maybe they can be priced much higher than regular but there should be an option. Some people just dont get along with other people, some people prefer to be alone. I understand its part of the college experience to get a dorm but there should be such an option available.

    Main point is this, I wish I was offered another room.

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    I think I am one of the few people who had a wonderful experience with my assigned roommate. I had friends who weren't so lucky, and I really felt terrible for them.

    My school did have a limited number of single rooms available for freshmen, but you had to have special needs to be eligible for one. They were primarily for people who had physical disabilities or serious medical conditions. Freshmen were not eligible for room switches at all first semester. If you really had problems with a roommate, you could request a transfer for the second semester, and it was almost always granted.

    Sophomores, juniors, and seniors were eligible for single rooms, and that usually wasn't a problem because after freshman year, most people chose to live off campus. So, the students who wanted to stay in the dorms pretty much had their pick of rooms.

    What I find suspect about this particular case is that the girl apparently never mentioned sex as a reason for needing a transfer until now, and the fact that they did offer her other options and she declined them. It seems to me that if you were really that miserable, you'd accept any alternative they offered, even if it was on a temporary basis. I don't even necessarily think she should have been entitled to a single room. A room transfer, yes. But sometimes there simply aren't any single rooms available. At a school where living with a roommate is a requirement, or where she had signed up to live with a roommate, I think it's fine to tell her she'll still have to comply with that, but she can have someone else.

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    Lol, the first thing I thought of was the college roommate scene from PCU.


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