It sounds like the making of a modern-day folk tale: a cable repairman walks into a home to find a sleeping bear in the basement.

But for one Cablevision technician on the job at a Sussex County home in New Jersey Wednesday afternoon, the encounter was all too real.

The repairman entered the home on Madison Trail in Hopatcong to perform scheduled repairs when he found the sleeping bear in the basement, police said.

The bear, which had been spotted wandering in the neighborhood earlier in the afternoon, escaped the home.

New Jersey Fish and Game officials were called in, and at about 3 p.m., located the bear and tranquilized it. It took some time for the large bear to go down, according to police: it walked a few blocks over to Missouri Trail and eventually fell asleep.

No injuries were reported.

The Associated Press: Cable guy finds sleeping bear in NJ basement