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Thread: 84yo woman pepper sprayed at Occupy Seattle

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    Default 84yo woman pepper sprayed at Occupy Seattle

    84-Year-Old Woman Pepper Sprayed During Occupy Seattle Protest

    CULTURE BUZZ 84-year-old Dorli Rainey was pepper sprayed during a peaceful march last night. She would have been thrown to the ground and trampled, but luckily a fellow protester and Iraq vet was there to save her. If this doesn't make you mad about all of the recent Occupy police brutality, I don't know what will.

    (AP / Joshua Trujillo)

    She later wrote about the incident:

    “Something funny happened on my way to a transportation meeting in Northgate. As I got off the bus at 3rd and Pine I heard helicopters above. Knowing that the problems of New York would certainly precipitate action by Occupy Seattle, I thought I better check it out. Especially since only yesterday the City Government made a grandiose gesture to protect free speech. Well free speech does have its limits as I found out as the cops shoved their bicycles into the crowd and simultaneously pepper sprayed the so captured protesters. If it had not been for my Hero (Iraq Vet Caleb) I would have been down on the ground and trampled. This is what democracy looks like. It certainly left an impression on the people who rode the No. 1 bus home with me. In the women’s movement there were signs which said: “Screw us and we multiply.’”
    (AP / Joshua Trujillo)

    So how are the cops going to spin this shit?
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    Thank you, I wanted that pic so bad! It looks like a still from a porno!!
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    At least she isn't sitting in a nursing home.
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