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Thread: Baroness gives Lord the two-finger salute

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    Talking Baroness gives Lord the two-finger salute

    The 89-year-old Baroness Trumpington of Sandwich has become an online hit after giving a fellow peer the two-finger salute in Britain's House of Lords.

    The baroness was listening to Lord King give a Remembrance Day speech in London's House of Lords when he made a comment about World War II veterans appearing "very old" while gesturing in her direction.
    The lady who was a code breaker during the war responded to her 78-year-old colleague by making the rude hand gesture.

    Lady Trumpington, formerly Jean Alys Barker, told the Daily Mail it was inadvertent.
    "My hand must have flown up. I never been offended by Lord King I don't remember doing it," she said.
    Lord King said there was no ill feeling between himself and Lady Trumpington, who had been the only World War II veteran taking part in the debate.

    "She made some sort of gesture I think it must have been my reference to her age," he said.
    Footage of the gesture has scored thousands of views online, with YouTube viewers calling Lady Trumpington a heroine.
    "Lord King of Bridgewater, U got OWNED B---h!!!!," said one YouTube member with the username Classic7890.

    Lady Trumpington, a former chain smoker, is well known for her straight talking and wicked sense of humour.
    A former Mayor of Cambridge and minister from 1989 to 1992, she was made a Dame Commander of the Royal Victorian Order in 2005.

    Video at the link:
    Baroness gives Lord the two-finger salute
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    78 and a chain smoker? Wow! I like this lady.
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    Quote Originally Posted by McJag View Post
    78 and a chain smoker? Wow! I like this lady.
    She's actually 89. The whippersnapper she gave the salute to is 78.
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    dont you fuck with this lady, its funny how she is just reading the paper not listening and then just giving him the finger
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    LMAO!!! You tell em!!!

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    "My hand must have flown up. I never been offended by Lord King — I don't remember doing it," she said.
    I applaud her excellent cuntery skills. I like this Lady!

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    I love her little smile at the end..

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