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Thread: Mother held on $1M bond in motel birth case

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    Default Mother held on $1M bond in motel birth case

    FORT DODGE, Iowa -- An Oklahoma woman is being held on $1 million bond in connection with the case of a newborn baby found dead in a motel room in Fort Dodge on Tuesday.

    Fort Dodge police said an employee of the Super 8 Motel discovered the baby about 11:35 a.m.
    Police said Hillary Tyler, 31, was not at the hotel at the time of the discovery and they searched for her for a few hours before she was found. She is from Oklahoma.
    Detectives said their investigation indicated the child's death was not natural.
    "There are indications the child was alive at birth and that's why the murder charges were filed," said Fort Dodge Police Chief Tim Carmody.
    Police said it was a disturbing scene inside the motel's second-floor room -- enough to nearly bring them to tears.
    "This is just very challenging because many of us have families and kids. It just tears at your heart," said Carmody.
    Tyler was taken to a hospital for treatment and Thursday moved to the Webster County Jail after being released.
    Police said Tyler is from Oklahoma and was in town for temporary work. She had no other connections to the area.
    Agents with the Iowa Department of Criminal Investigation, the Webster County Sheriff's Office, the Webster County Attorney's Office and the Webster County Medical Examiner's Office are aiding the investigation.
    Jamie Huse is an advocate for victims of domestic and sexual assault. She works with women in all stages of crisis. She said she's not making excuses for Tyler, but said in crisis situations people may act without thinking.
    "I think people are fearful that they're going to get in trouble and that they might not have options. And so they panic and when people panic they sometimes make destructive decisions," said Huse.
    Huse said there should be more education about the safe haven law so that women know that if they are in a crisis, they have options.
    Tyler's next court date was set for next Thursday.

    Read more: Mother Held On $1M Bond In Motel Birth Case - Des Moines News Story - KCCI Des Moines

    Mother Held On $1M Bond In Motel Birth Case - Des Moines News Story - KCCI Des Moines

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    Nice. She's an adult and there is no excuse. She knows there are options.

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    At 31 yrs old she knew better. She's just a cold-blooded bitch.

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    I feel really bad for the employee who saw the scene.

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    And Iowa has safe-haven laws. No excuse.
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    This is where I part with common sentiment. I don't care what age the mother is. She was probably hiding the pregnancy and gave birth alone. Every mother I know has psychotic moments during labor when they just want the alien to be gone, out of their bodies, to quit killing them with pain. It takes a lot of support to overcome the enormous conflict of labor. But alone? No one around to help you or the baby? That's a recipe for dementia.

    I'd give this woman a pass.

    My grandmother used to say that someone, a nurse of some kind, had to be with new mothers for the first 3 months to make sure "she didn't turn on the child".
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