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Thread: Antoine Dodson --"They rapin' errbody out here" arrested

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    Default Antoine Dodson --"They rapin' errbody out here" arrested

    Meanwhile, the thugs who are raping all the women and neighbors, walk free.

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    Antoine Dodson
    Too Loud for His Own Good

    Antoine Dodson -- the guy who famously warned "They rapin' errbody out here" -- was arrested in Huntsville, AL yesterday after cops say he was BLASTING music wayyy too loud.

    According to police, Dodson was stopped at 6:20 PM and issued a warning for violating the local noise ordinance -- but during the incident, cops ran his name and discovered there was a warrant out for his arrest.

    Cops say Dodson failed to appear in court after he was popped for marijuana possession back in April -- so the officers arrested him on the spot and hauled the "Bed Intruder" singer to a nearby station.

    According to jail records, Dodson was released after posting $516.00 bond.

    Calls to Dodson have not been returned.
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    You are really dumb. Fo' real.
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    Not as dumb as the war on drugs.

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    Why dey ridin' my Twan like at? Ain't Lindsay's busted ass in Milan right now?
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    Damn that sucks. Speaking of Lohan, he shoulda shown up for his court date though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beeyotch View Post
    Damn that sucks. Speaking of Lohan, he shoulda shown up for his court date though.
    While it's beyond stupid that he was supposed to go to court for possession of marijuania in the first place, he still had an obligation to go, and when you fail to appear in court, yo ass gets arrested.
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    I feel there should be a charity record released to support Antoine
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    I don't know, I'm conflicted about the court thing. On one hand, yeah, he did technically have an obligation to go. But I also agree that the reason for it is stupid as fuck. OH MAH GAH!!! MARIJUANA IS SERIOUS BUSINESS!!!!!!1 Calm the fuck down, seriously.

    Also, am I the only one imagining he was "blasting" his own Bed Intruder song and dancing to it?
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    Well, I wasn't before, but I am now.
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