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Thread: Can't stop swearing? Get CussControl!

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    Talking Can't stop swearing? Get CussControl!

    My god, these people are retards. No, they're fucking retards. there, now I feel better, but unfortunately that little spate of foul sounding invective now indicates that I am an example of the following fucking retarded labels:

    Swearing Imposes a Personal Penalty
    It gives a bad impression
    It makes you unpleasant to be with
    It endangers your relationships
    It's a tool for whiners and complainers
    It reduces respect people have for you
    It shows you don't have control
    It's a sign of a bad attitude
    It discloses a lack of character
    It's immature
    It reflects ignorance
    It sets a bad example

    Swearing is Bad for Society
    It contributes to the decline of civility
    It represents the dumbing down of America
    It offends more people than you think
    It makes others uncomfortable
    It is disrespectful of others
    It turns discussions into arguments
    It can be a sign of hostility
    It can lead to violence

    Swearing corrupts the English language
    It's abrasive, lazy language
    It doesn't communicate clearly
    It neglects more meaningful words
    It lacks imagination
    It has lost its effectiveness
    Yes, as everyone knows when I use a cuss word my next impule is to smash the nearest person in the face on a totally unrelated matter. How that doesn't communicate what I'm feeling clearly is beyond me, but there you have it.

    Think the world needs more moralizing by uptight pantloads who have nothing better to do? Then CussControl is for you!
    I am from the American CIA and I have a radio in my head. I am going to kill you.

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    Default Re: Can't stop swearing? Get CussControl!

    lacks imagination? and i always thought 'fuck you, you fucking fuck' was brill!

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    Default Re: Can't stop swearing? Get CussControl!

    Fucking fuckers need to fuck off
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    Default Re: Can't stop swearing? Get CussControl!

    fucktards need to relax.

    They don't realize it really depends on the context. I remember reading in David Simon's "Homicide: A Year on the Street" that one policeman could read the Gettysburg Address to a roomful of cops using only the word "Fuck" and every man in the joint would fully understand what he said.

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    Default Re: Can't stop swearing? Get CussControl!

    What kind of shit is all the fucking piss? Those motherfuckers can suck my dick. Assfaces.
    WOAH. I really had to hold back there! I cuss all the time. Can't help it. Grew up with my Grandfather and my aunt whos favorite word was shit and it has passed on to me and I am proud!

    Funny too cuz my hubby was a sailor and he said my mouth was worse than anyone he ever heard on his ship. Said I also said words he never heard before which I think is speaking VOLUMES!! heehee.

    Can't help it. I have expressive creative language syndrome!

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    Default Re: Can't stop swearing? Get CussControl!

    My favourite was when a friend of mine and I were out together. I can't remember what caused her to say it, but it was, "Jesus Christ Motherfucker Cocksucker".

    There was a lady near us who just about fell over. I just about fell over laughing!

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    Default Re: Can't stop swearing? Get CussControl!

    Hey, all this swearing is fucking offending me! CHRIST have some fucking respect!

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    Default Re: Can't stop swearing? Get CussControl!

    It's a verb, it's a noun...

    Great research article I read once about the endless variety of uses for the word 'fuck'. When the researcher was visiting a factory in the UK, he asked a man what was wrong. The man pointed to the machinary he was supposed to be operating and said, 'Fucking fucker's fucked'.
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