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Thread: Driver plays PSP at wheel

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    Default Driver plays PSP at wheel


    A BUS driver has been fired for playing computer game Grand Theft Auto — while at the WHEEL.

    Steve Allcock was reported by terrified passengers who heard the screams of characters being butchered as he drove between stops.

    Bosses fired him after on-board CCTV footage showed he had the handheld device on his knees.

    One passenger said: “He was playing on a Sony PlayStation PSP not only at bus stops but at traffic lights and sometimes while driving. The music and sound effects could be heard throughout the bus.

    “I find it hard to believe anyone in charge of a bus capable of carrying 50 people would be safe driving with a PSP on their knees.”

    Steve used the console, like the one with Grand Theft Auto on, as he drove his single-decker from Accrington to Blackburn, Lancs.

    His boss at Blackburn Transport, Michael Morton, said: “The driver was interviewed and we feel we’ve taken appropriate disciplinary action.

    “We take a very dim view of drivers using any sort of device that will distract them. Our ultimate concern is the safety of passengers.”

    The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents said: “It is horrifying. If something went wrong how would the driver react quickly?”

    Steve’s sacking comes days after Donna Maddock, 22, of Buckley, Flint, was fined for applying make-up while driving.

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    Default Re: Driver plays PSP at wheel

    Ha! If it wasn't for the fact that I'm quite positive my boyfriend doesn't drive a bus, I would think this is him. He plays that freakin' thing all the time!

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    Default Re: Driver plays PSP at wheel

    I saw an idiot driving on the Capital Beltway yesterday reading a magazine while driving. Accident waiting to happen.

    Not quite sure how the man drove the bus and played a video game without wrecking unless he was driving at slow speeds..

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