Deadly cholera in Haiti left over 200 dead


Cholera outbreak in Haiti leaves over 200 dead.

Haiti has yet not recovered from the massive shock of earthquake, that took place on 12 January 2010, that it got hit by the deadly cholera again leaving behind 200 confirmed dead and over 2000 in severe state, said authorities on Saturday.

The origin of the outbreak remains unknown and is being investigated by the World Health Organization and the US Center for Disease Control, as informed by UNICEF's Chief of Health, Dr. Jean-Claude Mubalama in a statement.
Cholera outbreak has been linked to a contaminated river called Artibonite, along which around 1.5 lake people live. The disease became a matter of big concern, since it has spread outside the Artibonite region and may get spread to the relieving camps that house hundreds of thousands of earthquake survivors in the capital.

"Children are more easily getting affected to cholera because they lose body water more quickly by diarrhea, that is why it is so crucial to get them to hospitals rapidly and this has been a challenge," says Dr Mubalama. The major symptoms include vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhea.

Soon after the outbreak, UNICEF and many governmental and non-governmental agencies, including Water Missions International, became active in the hardest hit areas like Artibonite, Grand Desdunes, Bo Cozele, Villard, Poirier and Petite Riviere city center. They reached the affected area with all the basic necessities like, IV fluids, medicines and clean water etc.

Water Missions International, who were already serving the earthquake victims in Haiti with their 115 water treatment are en route this morning from their Port-au-Prince facility with five additional water treatment systems that can serve 25,000 potential outbreak victims. Water Missions engineers are providing chlorinators, chlorine and other water safety equipment.

Deadly cholera in Haiti left over 200 dead

Almost an entire year later, and the people still have to keep suffering. Awful.