Protests Continue Over Fired Teacher

PRAIRIE VILLAGE, Kan. – Students and parents are refusing to give up their fight to have a fired teacher reinstated.

Monday afternoon about 50 people protested outside of Mission Valley Middle School in Prairie Village.

They want the Shawnee Mission School Board to give science teacher Ryan Haraughty his job back at the school.

“I think that it's a very terrible injustice that has happened. That compels me to act no only on behalf of the teacher but on behalf of my children. I think that it's an important example to my children to fight for what is right,” says "Marijke Niehorster-Cook who has two children at the school.

Haraughty was a very popular teacher.

“Even though he is one of my hardest teachers, definitely his tests are just crazy. He makes just learning about everything... he strings it and makes it fun somehow,” says 8th grader Sam Bernard.

The school board fired Haraughty earlier this month for repeatedly using sexual innuendo in the classroom, creating a hostile sexual environment and insubordination.

Hundreds of parents, current and former teachers have appealed to the school board on Haraughty’s behalf.

They do not believe the teacher was ever inappropriate in the classroom.

The school board will not go into specific details regarding Haraughty’s dismissal. However, a spokesman says he was involved in repeated incidents.

Parents and students plan to attend a school board meeting Monday evening to voice their objection to the firing. They vow to continue the protests until Haraughty is back at the school.

Protests Continue Over Fired Teacher - NBC Action News KSHB-TV 41

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