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Thread: Kentucky Fried Chicken meal 'caused brain damage'

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    Default Kentucky Fried Chicken meal 'caused brain damage'

    Monika and her brother Abanoub before she fell ill

    An 11-year-old Australian girl is suing Kentucky Fried Chicken for Aus$10 million (5 million), claiming that she suffered brain damage and was left crippled after eating a contaminated product in a Sydney outlet.
    Monika Sumaan was seven years old when she developed salmonella encephalopathy and salmonella septicaemia brain damage, allegedly after eating a chicken twister a meal consisting of fried chicken in pita bread.
    She is now confined to a wheelchair with spastic quadriplegia. The court heard that her condition was a result of eating the meal at a KFC restaurant in Villaood, a suburb in southwest Sydney.
    A day after eating the product, Monica began vomiting and had diarrhoea. Her parents and brother were also sick after sharing her twister, the court heard.

    The family's lawyer, Anthony Bartley, SC, told the court that Monika Sumann had been an extremely bright and active young girl before her illness.
    She was a victim of "disturbing" and "unsettling" practices at the fast-food giant, he said.
    "Your honour will hear that, if the store was particularly busy, then if chicken dropped on the floor near the burger station it would on some occasions simply be put back into the burger station from where it had fallen," Mr Bartley said.
    "The evidence, comes from employees of KFC at the relevant time both in the shop at Villawood and other stores," he said.
    Mr Bartley said in the same month that Monika became ill, another 10 people who ate at Villawood KFC reported having food poisoning.
    "There is no doubt in this case that what poisoned Monika and left her in the physical condition that she now is [in] is salmonella," Mr Bartley said.
    "And there is little or no doubt that chicken was reported by all scientists, at the time of these unhappy events occurring, as being the source of that salmonella," he said.
    The court heard that in the months before the incident the restaurant had scored badly in internal audits on food preparation and handling.
    As recently as last week a company review had discovered that cross-contamination of foods was present in the store, which had scored an overall performance mark of 41 per cent regarded as a breakdown standard the barrister said.
    The hearing continues.

    Kentucky Fried Chicken meal 'caused brain damage' - Times Online

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    I had original recipe KFC last week, and I had one of the most horrid stomach cramps and pains ever. Luckily it started happening right before end of work, I thought I was going to die. That shyte is nasty.

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    Poor darling!
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    I was on my way to pick up chicken for dinner when I heard this on the radio (not KFC thank goodness) yesterday. It shows you that you never know what's happened to your food before it's put in the bag you take home!
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    KFC ordered to pay $8.3 million to Australian girl

    Fast food giant Kentucky Fried Chicken has been ordered to pay Aus$8 million (US$8.3 million) to an Australian girl who suffered severe brain damage and was paralysed after eating a Twister wrap.

    Monika Samaan was seven when she suffered salmonella encephalopathy -- a brain injury linked to food poisoning that also left her with a blood infection and septic shock -- in October 2005.

    Several other family members also fell ill and they claimed Samaan's injuries, which include severe cognitive, motor and speech impairment and spastic quadriplegia, were caused by a chicken Twister wrap from a Sydney KFC outlet.

    The New South Wales Supreme Court ruled in the family's favour a week ago and on Friday ordered KFC to pay the girl Aus$8 million in damages plus legal costs.

    In a statement, the family's lawyer George Vlahakis said they were relieved the battle was over.

    "Monika's severe brain damage and severe disability has already exhausted the very limited resources of the family," he said.

    "Monika is now a big girl and they are finding it increasingly difficult to lift her and to look after her basic needs as well as look after Monika's younger siblings.

    "The compensation ordered is very much needed. KFC have to date been determined that Monika does not receive a cent."

    Last week KFC indicated it will appeal the decision but is yet to do so.

    During the trial, Justice Stephen Rothman said the chicken became contaminated "because of the failure of one or more employees of KFC" to follow proper preparation rules, which he described as "negligent".
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    That poor girl, glad she was awarded the compensation, hopefully her family will be able to afford top-notch help and care for her. Poor wee darling.
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    This is just sad. And scary.
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    KFC is beyond stupid to have let this go to court. Admittedly, the articles don't give their defense so perhaps it's a good one but I highly doubt it based on the facts presented. And even if they don't believe they have/had real liability, all the public sees when something like this goes public is evil corporate overlords v. helpless child. They should have settled this, provided for the girl, and avoided some seriously bad PR.

    If they appeal they are even dumber.

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